Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New man on the horizon

Recent times have been fairly traumatic around here. About three months ago Mistress met a new boyfriend who hit on her in a London pub. He’s a married investment banker. Loaded. Handsome (she says) and a sex god.

For purposes of this blog I'll call him Pete. Not his real name - I've changed it to protect the not-so-innocent...

He fucks her for 3 hours on the trot non stop. Then they go for lunch, then they go back for more sex!

She spent the night with him in a hotel (they’ve spent a few nights together) – they fucked for 2.5 hours when they met in the day time, then went for lunch, then went back and fucked for another hour, then went out for the evening, then went back and fucked before sleeping. Woke up[ at 5am and fucked, and then fucked on and off from 7am to 10 am when they finally got up. They both showered to get dressed, got dressed, then stripped off and fucked again….

So I’ve been having jealousy issues. Fairly big time.

We’ve discussed it together and I’ve tried to manage it, but it’s tough. He is the ‘perfect’ boyfriend. He’s married – treats his wife a little badly! Loaded – he pays for everything – hotels, train fares, meals, drinks and a general good time. He likes to party, and he loves her pussy.

She says he is the best fuck she has ever had, and that I will NEVER be able to match that.

He calls her at work twice a day – about 10:30 am and again at about 3pm. They chat for about 15 minutes each call – sharing their day and making plans for their next hook up.

When they message he professes his love for her and she for him.

She just messaged me now from work – says she’s very busy, but just messaging me to say hi. It’s a catch 22, because I suspect/believe that what it really means is she’s just got off the phone with him, is feeling a little guilty, and so is sending me a quick message.

The jealousy thing is difficult to deal with.

I asked her where I fit in now she has him. This is what she typed up for me:

You are my loving , submissive husband. Your role in my life is to:

- Serve me & take care of all my physical (non sexual needs)

- Provide sexual pleasure by eating my pussy & arse when you ask to do so & I allow you to

- You are not my alpha male sex provider & you NEVER will be

- I get alpha male sex from Pete. He is the BEST I have EVER had & you will NEVER play that role

- You are the father of my children which is so important to me & no one else can fulfill that role

- You are my cuckold submissive & I get immense pleasure from humiliating you by being with another man fulfilling me in ways you can't & NEVER will

- I get pleasure from caning you to ensure you behave as I wish - I want the perfect cuckold submissive husband

- Your role is to encourage & help me build my relationship with Pete even if it culminates in me falling in love with him

- You play an important part in my life, I love you deeply & would not want to be without you in my life

- I expect you to live by the rules we have established & carry on establishing. Do not ask me what the rules are ever - you should have them ALL written down.

- You can ask about the rules but my point is - if a rule is written in black & white, what is there to question? If I consider a question is stupid based on a rule that's in black & white, I will answer it but I will punish you for making me answer a question for which you already have the answer.

- When I allow you to put your cock in it is for reasons you do not need to question. It may be becoz I am feeling pity on you & allow you to dip your useless wimp cock into my pussy which is something you do not deserve & never will. Another reason may be becoz I want to cum using my vibrator (obviously your wimp cock alone cannot make me cum ever). Bottomline you should NEVER question why I like submissive sex with you. I like It for MY reasons. You should just be grateful I let you anywhere near my pussy! If you ever question my reasons, you will be punished severely.

Do you see that bit about service? Take care of her physical, non sexual needs. That there is a tough one. The reality is she gets all the sex she wants from Pete. I no longer really on the sex agenda. That's a tough one.