Tuesday, April 29, 2008

She would like 'more service'

This morning as Mistress got out of bed and did Her Pilates I lay in bed with my hard on in my hand and decided to talk to Her – I asked if She was happy with our relationship, particularly with the FemDom aspect of it, and happy that we were living ‘Her Way’ as She wanted.

She said that actually She wanted to make a few changes – in particular to increase the FemDom aspects, especially with me serving Her better - but that She had not had time to make the changes yet because She was too busy. She also said She wanted to introduce some sort of punishment regime for poor service, but had not yet decided what that regime would be.

I asked whether She has decided against the cane as a form of punishment, and She said no, She had not decided.

She asked if I was happy with our relationship and the FemDom side of it, to which I responded that my desires were not really relevant and that all that mattered was what She wanted. But, I said, if She wanted to take my opinion into account at all, not that She should, then as far as I was concerned the more FemDom the better, and more important it should be Her Way.

She said She would talk to me more about it this evening, so we shall see.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Fantasy Aunt

My Wife’s niece is 18 years old, just about to start university. She uses my Wife as an adult sounding board, and greatly values Her guidance on boys, relationships and sex (I believe She is still actually a virgin – but obviously at her age she is thinking about it).

After my chat with my Wife this morning I am now having this great fantasy where She tells Her niece that I eat Her arse or pussy (at Her choice) each morning, and expect nothing in return, and that she (Her niece) should set a similar standard with her men – ensuring they put her needs first and never request or expect any sexual favours in return, unless initiated by her.

The idea of my niece knowing I am such a freakily sexually submissive husband is as much a turn on as knowing that in her is a budding female dominant.

In my opinion if all girls were taught to rule men from a young age they would find it so much easier to do so as they mature, and the world would be a better place for it.

Serving Her Way

Mistress was kind enough to allow me to eat Her arse this morning before She got out of bed. She obviously really enjoys it, because She had me down there for ages before She got up. I licked, tongued and sucked, fucking Her arse with my tongue as much as I could.

When She had had enough She got out of bed and did Her Pilates while we chatted – I shared with Her my fantasy that Her friends know that I offer to and lick Her arse or pussy every morning, and what they would think if they new. She expressed the view they would think She is a lucky girl. She asked what my male friends would think if they knew, and proceeded to answer the question Herself – that they would conclude I was a submissive, with which I agreed.

I told Her that I found it particularly exciting that teenage girls, who’s men friends are constantly requesting sex from them, should know that I lick Her arse or pussy every day without any (other) pleasure myself, so that they could learn that they don’t have to give in, and can have things there way from as early an age as possible. I reminded Her of when I first licked Her arse about 12 years ago, when She was a 22 law student, before we were married.

On Fridays I now take the kids to school – so Mistress will not be stopping by to cane me on Fridays. I don’t think She is going to cane me again – but I choose to serve Her anyway and gain joy from doing that – for if She chooses not to cane me then that is Her privilege as well. I must live with and enjoy Her choice.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Mistress picked me up yesterday without any suggestion of canning me first.

As I woke, erect, this morning I lay cuddling Her and asked if She would like me to eat Her arse or pussy before She got up. She said She needed to pee and went to the bathroom to do so. I heard Her in there, and hoped that She would have a shit as well, returning to give me Her arse to clean, and waited with excitement to see. She may even choose to just get on with Her day and not allow me the pleasure of eating Her.

As She returned She locked the bedroom door – an obvious indication She would have me eat Her – got into bed and told me to eat Her pussy. I did so to glorious orgasm, wondering what She thought over the five minutes or so it took Her to reach bliss.

She crashed through Her orgasm groaning and I licked and sucked Her out to bring Her down. As she came back I asked if She would like me to lick Her arse which she consented to.

I dipped my tongue lower to Her rose hole, pushed her legs up to Her chest and licked Her arse as She relaxed.

She ordered me up and lay by Her while She decreed it time to wake up and sent me to make tea, erect and without any orgasm of my own. I was delighted and privileged to send Her out on Her day with the arm glow of morning glory.
I am so glad She chose not to let me cum.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I went up to bed as hard as iron, having just read this story here (A Governess for Richard) which I loved.
As I climbed into bed, my stiffie poking out Mistress lay next to me and asked why I was so excited.
I explained how the orphan boy had been trespassing and caught swimming naked by the girls, and how they had chosen to punish him so ruthlessly.
To my delight She got quite caught up in the fantasy and had me finger and then penetrate Her (I hesitate to use the word ‘fuck’ because it was at Her pleasure more so than mine, though I off course did delight in the act myself) Her to orgasm, permitting me to come deep in Her myself.
This morning She has taken the kids to school. Her car is in the garage so She will be coming home to get me to drop Her off at work.
Since the day She first expressed a desire to re-introduce the cane this will be the first time we are in the house alone. I wonder if She will choose to use it. My guess is not, but I am glad that the choice over what to do is Hers.

Monday, April 21, 2008

'Her Way' continues to evolve

Since the start of the year and Mistresses decision to live Her way I have never been punished, caned or admonished for poor behaviour or service – and much of the standard service I used to provide I no longer do.

I still do most of the laundry, but I don’t put clothes away at all (I hate putting clothes away!), I always make tea in bed and breakfast in the mornings and I do most of the washing up and tidying up but no longer do all of it. And Mistress no longer instructs me to provide ad hoc services – such as a cup of tea. She might ask me to make her one, which I always do, but She does not order me to.

A few weeks ago I was down there eating pussy when Mistress decreed that all this would have to change, and that I must offer to eat Her pussy and arse more, and serve Her better. She said I was to start calling Her ‘Mistress’ in private again, and serving Her better, and/or She would start caning me severely.

She told me that as we went off on our holiday She would expect me to serve Her submissively and She would give me a code word She would be able to use in public to mean that I had not served Her submissively or well enough and to make a note ready for punishment on our return home.

In fact Mistress did not actually give ma a code word and did not make further reference to this conversation again – so none of those things have yet come to pass.

I do still offer to (and indeed do actually) eat Her pussy and arse according to Her preference, and I hope that one day this will lead to a re-introduction fo the cane to ensure Her Way is as She wants. But I am not going to ask for or go out of my way to encourage this as I want any decision to do so to be Her and Hers alone.

I don’t really want to face the cane again – I fear it – but I yearn to serve Her submissively and would welcome any stimulus that makes me a better submissive – especially harsh, painful punishment.

I’ll keep you posted.