Friday, January 06, 2006

Moving to Yahoo

I did decide that the Yahoo 360 pages are easier to work with - keep my cyber life all in one place - so for a while I stopped posting here.

Posts from that time can be found at:-

But now I've decided that there is a seperate community here that I'd like to keep in touch with, and so I will maintain a parallel blog here. For back posts, please go to the Yahoo 360 page, but moving forward, I'll copy each post to here.

Rolled a five

Yesterday I rolled a five and my Mistress really laid into me. She appears determined to ensure that I treat Her with more respect - and quite right She is. I shall definitely go out of my way to avoid a repeat of that!

I've been surfing round Yahoo 360 - I think it looks pretty cool. Possibly a better place to reach like minded souls with my blog than this one.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Rolling the dice

Late last year my Mistress took me on a slave hunt with the FemDom society ( At that event was a male slave called Emma, dressed as a traditional serving woman. Dear Emma was so polite to all the Mistress Ladies present, that s/he has set a rather high standard that my Mistress Wife now rightly believes I should attain towards her.

On Monday I was a little unpleasant towards my Mistress on a couple of occasions – I went off in a sulk when She wanted me to join the family, and later that day spoke to Her in a less than respectful tone. There was no particular reason for my unpleasantness, other than a hangover of the old days when I did not always go out of my way to honour Her as She deserves.

My Mistress deliberated on my behaviour for a while, and on Wednesday informed me that I would be ‘rolling the dice’ twice for my infractions.

Come Wednesday evening and I presented myself in the usual way (See earlier post). My Mistress Wife handed me the large wooden dice we use and I rolled it once, to get a five, and then I rolled it again. I was so shocked at the five that came up, that I genuinely do not remember what the second number that came up was.

My Mistress explained to me that I must not speak to Her disrespectfully, or be unpleasant towards Her, or I would earn more of the same.

She laid my usual six disciplinary strokes on me with modest strength. Then she gave me the number from the dice, multiplied by five – so that was 25 strokes for the one dice, plus whatever came up on the second dice. Including my 6 dailly discipline strokes I was looking at 31 strokes plus five times whatever came up on the second dice. I was in agony, so I was in no position to count. The last five or ten strokes were given at what felt like pretty much full strength, and I still have bruises on my behind to prove it.

We started using the dice a few weeks ago, following a post I read on the web. The guy making the post explained that his Mistress did a daily inspection of his cleaning work and chores, using a white glove to look for dirt. Any found resulted in a roll of the dice, and he got 10 strokes for each number that came up on the dice. He said in his post (I cannot remember where it was now) that he cried while she inspected if She found more than one infraction, because he knew his arse was in for it. I know what he means. My arse is still throbbing from yesterday’s punishment.

As if that was not enough, later than evening I was serving my Mistress Wife some more food, and She asked me to give Her another spoon full. The serving spoon was large, and I knew that She did not really want that much – She always watches what She eats really carefully. I answered Her in a less than respectful tone and She immediately pulled me up on this, asking whether I had not learned my lesson, and told me that I will roll the dice again this evening.

My Mistress instructed me that if I ever differ with Her over anything then I should beg to differ, and explain as politely as possible how I differed, and then await Her judgement. As always, she is right of course, and I have made a mental note to be more respectful in all my communication with Her.

I have read posts on the web where people advocate against discipline and punishment in FemDom relationships. I find myself unable to agree. My will to serve my Mistress is strong, but I am a week man, and feel further incentivised to serve Her better when the penalty for failure is clear and painful. I also feel that failure to honour ones Goddess deserves severe punishment simply for punishment’s sake.

I am proud that my Mistress sees fit to discipline and punish me, and only hope that in time I will learn to server Her with the honour She deserves from a worthless being like me.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Some months ago my Mistress Wife, in Her wisdom, decided that I should submit to daily discipline sessions.

Immediately after we put the children to bed I ‘prepare myself’ - I go to our bedroom where I remove my clothes and fix cuffs to my wrists and ankles, with rope loops attached to each cuff. I remove our firm, plastic whip (if anyone wants to know more about this whip please let me know) from Her wardrobe where it lives, and I lay on our four poster bed and loop the ropes from my feet and one of the wrist cuffs over three corner posts, and await the arrival of my Mistress.

When She arrives my Mistress Wife loops the fourth rope from my free hand over the fourth post of the bed, and I am now bound, naked, arse presented, unable to free myself. At Her mercy for my daily discipline and any punishment She deems necessary.

My daily discipline (designed, for any of you who have not read Elise Sutton, to remind me of my subservience to Her) consists of six strokes to my arse. It is obviously up to Her how hard the strokes are – they are never ‘token’ strokes - they tend to vary from firm to pretty severe, depending on her mood on the day. They always hurt – especially if my arse is sore from recent punishment.

If I have not earned further punishment, my Mistress Wife releases the rope from one wrist, and I thank Her (‘Thank you, Mistress’) and free myself from the remaining ropes before proceeding downstairs to serve and be with Her through the remainder of evening.

When my Mistress Wife first decided that I should receive daily discipline, I thought this was a little harsh. Elise Sutton’s book had suggested periodic discipline – once a week or something like that. Daily seemed a bit much. But by then we had already debated the issues around ‘topping from the bottom’ – this decision, like all decisions that affect our lives, was Hers alone to make, and my role was and is to submit to Her will. I’ve had (at least) six disciplinary strokes to my arse every day since.

This is a great illustration of how wonderful my Mistress Wife is for me. To take the idea of ‘periodic’ discipline and choose to apply it daily was a stroke of pure genius on Her part. I am never far from the last or my next discipline session, and so am constantly reminded of my subservience to Her. Equally, She too is reminded of Her dominance over me. It works great for both of us.

How it all started

Summer 2004 I finally gathered the guts to introduce my Wife to Loving Female Authority (‘LFA’). We were on holiday in Portugal, and I had printed off and carried copies of Lady Misato’s and Elise Sutton’s web sites to give Her to read. With some trepidation I introduced the topic and handed these over and She read them. To my delight and surprise She immediately agreed to ‘try’ the FemDom lifestyle. 30 minutes later we were into some fairly extreme FemDom activities that I will probably comment on more in a later post.

Shortly after we got back, Elise Sutton published her book Loving Female Authority, which we bought and read, and which provided much of the foundation we built on. But to the main extent, our LFA life is based more on Her wishes and wants, which we both believe should form the cornerstone of our relationship, rather than following an approach offered up to us by others.

A year and a half later we still regard ourselves as new to the LFA lifestyle we have lived and grown in and both now work to further enhance.

The main principles of our LFA relationship are submission, discipline and punishment, about which I shall write next.

I'm going to do this blog

I have been living as my Wife's 24/7 submissive since July 2004 during which time our FemDom relationship has grown fantastically. There is a lot on the web about FemDom relationships, but not that much from people living a 24/7 FemDom life. I am setting out on this blog to talk about how Loving Female Authority is working for me (well, hopefully for us!) in the expectation that my musings will help me to develop as a better slave to my wonderful Mistress Wife.