Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ugly Betty

Tonight is the second night back in our own beds following our trip to Atlanta and already Mistress has come three times through my oral administration, whereas I have had only the pleasure of serving and dreaming – well, not quite fair because Mistress does allow me to handle my cock in Her presence, and rub it against Her as well, so I am in no place to complain; I am lucky.

When we woke this morning, after giving Mistress an anal tonguing and a play with Her Rabbit I got out of bed and made Mistress tea and breakfast in bed, and then went down to do the laundry (three machine loads since our return!) while Mistress watched Ugly Betty on TV in bed. I can’t stand Ugly Betty, and much enjoyed the privilege of serving Mistress doing house work while She enjoyed late morning telly in bed.

After I was done and returned to the bedroom I said to Mistress what a pleasure it had been to serve Her while She relaxed to which She agreed it would be nice if it happened more often. Opportunity knocks. I shall look out for it.

My cock is hard. I wonder if Mistress will let me eat Her again tonight. I do hope so.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Half Term

We’ve had a great half term in Atlanta with the kids visiting my sister-in-law. What a great place. I have really enjoyed it every time I’ve been there. The people are so polite. Everyone had a great time and we shopped for England!

The kids shared our bedroom which had a nice holiday feel to it, but obviously limited the opportunities I had to service Mistress.

On one occasion She had me finger Her to orgasm in bed and then allowed me to penetrate Her (this was exactly one month and a day since my last orgasm) and the pleasure was so intense that I came immediately – without permission.

Mistress did not notice my orgasm, and was surprised when I told Her, still in Her, that I had cum, saying that that was defiantly not part of Her plan. But She did not promise, offer or threaten to punish me for cumming without permission so I think I will be OK on that score.

We got back home this morning, jet lagged, had a shower and went to bed for a couple of hours.
As we woke, Mistress kindly allowed me to eat Her, choosing to have my attention directed to Her pussy, where I ate Her to an intense orgasm. I so love looking up at Her cum while I eat Her. It feels so great to be between those sexy legs. Such a privilege.

After She came She allowed me to lick and tongue Her arse briefly before sending me to wake the kids.

I am worried that having been away for a while She has not had opportunity to cane me, and will probably choose to do so the next opportunity She gets. This excites me on the one part, but also fills me with fear, because I am not sure She appreciates the power of the new, larger cane.

I raised this with Her after She had cum, saying to Her that I was wondering if there was anything I could or should do to try to avoid earning any strokes. She replied that I should immediately do as I am told without arguing, citing as an example the very comment I had made when we arrived this morning that if the kids new tights She bought in Atlanta needed hand washing then they should go back to the shop or in the bin.

Point made. I shall go and hand wash them today to show Her that She is in charge and gets what She wants. I fear that She will cane me anyway, but we shall see.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Limp: Thrashing

This morning my cock was soft as I cuddled up to Mistress in bed. I explained to Her that it is always soft on Fridays these days, as I fear the cane She will probably give me later that morning.

She confirmed that She is going to stop by and cane me this morning. I appealed that I have been a good submissive for Her in recent times, which She agreed to, but explained to me that She wants to cane me to remmind me. So I am for it. She'll be here in the next 10 to 15 minutes. I will present Her with the larger cane, because I beleive their is room for Her lessons to be more painful and effective.

Last night She had me tongue Her arse again, and allowed me penetration though only for Her pelasure. She has used my cock in Her cunt a few times this week, though without orgasm for me, and She continues to love having my tongue deep in Her arse.

I sit here soft in anticipation.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Talking to

Yesterday evening sat at the family dining table after dinner Mistress gave me a talking to about how long it took me to put the Landry away. For the second week running She had had to get Her own sports bra out of the laundry basket to get it ready for the next day.

My cock twitched. Was this going to lead to a caning? It didn’t get hard, I noticed. Just twitched.

I got a lecture about how poor I am in this area, and Mistress told me to improve. If She has to put anything away ever again then I get 25 strokes for it.


This is the first time ever Mistress has calmly told me off in such detail and told me to do better. I hope it is the first of many.

I feel lucky not to have been caned for it, and shall make a point of putting the laundry away promptly in future, for I am sure She means what She says about future punishment.

Not having been caned last Friday, and having attracted this warning now, I suspect that the least I will get away with this week is some disciplinary strokes to keep me on my toes. Oh dear. My cock is hardening at the thought (plus it is ages – 10 days - since I last came!)

Choosing the hole

On Thursday morning I lay in bed feeling lazy. It was chilly out, and I had no particular desire to serve Mistress orally before getting out of bed. But the next day was Friday and if there is one day that Mistress usually canes me it is Friday, so I did the sensible thing and offered to eat humble pie.

‘If you would like me to eat Your pussy or arse, please just tell me, Mistress’ I said to Her as we lay together. She grunted.

Five minutes later Mistress rolled on to Her back and told me to go down and eat Her pussy. I thanked Her for the instruction and licked and sucked Her breasts on my way down. By the time I got there She had changed Her mind.

She rolled onto Her side and raised one leg to expose Her arse ‘Hmm’ She said, ‘Actually, lick my arse instead’. And of course I did, giving Her great joy.

I have licked and sucked Her arse most mornings in the last two weeks (including this morning) and it is now obviously Her oral service of choice.

In consequence, and I only speculate here for I do not know for sure, but I speculate that it is consequence of this that I am being caned less, because She is happy that I indicate my submission in this most submissive of ways and on a daily basis.

And so it was on Friday morning Mistress came home after dropping the girls in school and did not cane me, as She did not feel the need to do so.