Tuesday, April 03, 2012

SEO for sex

How much do you know about SEO? Search Engine Optimisation? I’m no expert (and I can’t spell either!) but here’s a little insight into how I named my last blog article.

The most visited page of my blog is the blog article captioned ‘Anal Sex’. This page has been viewed 36,664 times. The next most visited page is ‘Strap on punishment’, viewed only 1,550 times. But compare these with the 10th most visited page that has only had 119 views.

What does this tell you? It tells me that you are a kinky bunch!

It also shows that the title you give an article, or the name you give the image associated with the article, will drive the amount of traffic you get.

So I decide to use a provocative title – ‘cumming in her mouth’. But I am not sure how to spell it. Is it ‘cumming in her mouth’ or ‘cuming in her mouth’? I don’t know. Anyway, which will attract the highest number of visitors to my blog? That’s what really matters – not how you should spell it, but how the world actually searches on it.

So I go to Google trends, and I ask Google to compare the two terms, and tell me how much traffic each attracts. I get this result.

That’s why I named the article the way I did.

So there you have it. SEO for the perverts!

Cumming in Her mouth

Mistress has a date with Dave today 3pm ‘till 5pm. As far I’m aware he’s not booked a hotel room. He never does. So they will probably go to a pub, have a glass of wine. Finger each other and snog, and then they’ll go outside and find somewhere where he can cum in Her mouth. That’s the normal routine.

So She got all dressed up this morning in a nice, short, sexy dress.  Just for him. She looked lovely.

Submissive sex

Tamara’s comments on my ‘FemDom conflict’ blog entry got me thinking. Plus I read this story on Literotica, about a guy who gets his wife to fuck someone else who she then falls for. Got me thinking too…

So over the last few days I’ve been talking to Mistress about whether She is happy with our sex life.

She says She is. The submissive sex is ‘perfect’. But. The but is that She feels a sense of overwhelming responsibility to initiate whatever sex we do have, and she wants to ensure I have an active sex life that I enjoy, and She doesn’t want that responsibility… She wants submissive sex with me, but not the responsibility. And She wants to know that I want Her and am attracted to Her.

Makes sense.

I thought about that.

So I said to Her that She should not feel a burden. None whatsoever. I want to be a welcome submissive, from which She only gains, without any downside. If I want sex with Her then I will initiate it in one of three submissive ways:-

1) By offering to lick Her pussy or arse.

2) By reaching out to play with Her pussy, or

3) By getting a hard on that She can feel pushing against Her.

All approaches are made on a submissive understanding that She is welcome to reject them. And if She wants to initiate sex with me then She can and should in any way She wants.

She was very happy with this and wants to work that way. So we will, and we’ll see how it goes.

I want to make Her feel wanted and precious, loved and sexy, by a man who cares for Her and respects Her above all else. I think She’s happy with that.