Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Turn on

We went to bed at around midnight last night. As I expected, Mistress had me go down on Her and as always I did so with pleasure, determined to make the experience as good as possible for Her.

I seemed to do a good job – in fact She even responded with more fervour than usual, and then half way through She spoke. She said that I have not been submissive enough, and when She next canes me, to give me the strokes I am due, I should expect no mercy because they will be extremely hard. She emphasised how hard they would be, repeating Herself in a number of ways so there could be no misunderstanding, and clearly getting turned on at the thought of how hard She would punish me.

This is the first time that Mistress has definitely shown that She is directly turned on at the thought of inflicting pain on me. She has spoken about punishing me before, and even explicitly confirmed that She finds it pleasant to do so, but last night She was actually getting off on the thought of it, and I love that.
If Mistress can draw real pleasure from punishing me and inflicting pain when She feels I am due it, then this will surely encourage Her to be a harsher Mistress, keep me on a tighter leash, and thus enhance our FemDom relationship even more. I am excited at the thought of this. My cock is hard and my pulse racing. (As required, I have texted Mistress to inform Her of this excitement).

I puzzled over why Mistress is going to cane me harder when giving me the strokes I am due, because I have not been submissive enough. I wonder to myself either:-

• Why does She not inform me when I am not submissive enough, and tell me then what my punishment will be. For example, if I do not rise to offer to do a task fast enough, and She ends up doing it, She could simply say to me that I should have done that task, and so will be punished for not having done so. Next time, I’m going to make damn sure I jump up to do the task.

• Or, She could say to me ‘You have not been submissive enough and so I am going to punish you with 5 strokes. And if you do not improve, and are not more submissive from now on, then I will give you a further ten strokes as well.’ That would focus the mind, wouldn’t it. That would make me rush to serve Her to avoid further pain.

But these actions represent the way I would handle things if I was Her. And I am not. She is the one who decides how it works, and I am the one who must live with Her decision.

I sought clarity on this point this morning, asking Mistress if there was anything that I could and should do to avoid future punishment for ‘not being submissive enough’ and She said that there is: I can serve Her better. I do not step up t the mark to serve Her enough, and should do so more. I thanked Her for this guidance, and I shall exert effort to ensure that I am more submissive and avoid further punishment.

After She came to glorious orgasm last night I offered to put it in Her – She sometimes likes to receive cock after She has cum, but She said no – I will not be allowed to put it in Her again until I have received the punishment due to me and improved my behaviour.

The in-laws are with us until Monday next week – another 6 days including today before I am allowed to put it in, assuming that She gives me my stokes at the very first available opportunity, which is not too likely.

Mistress will be dropping Her parents off at the airport early Monday morning, while I take the kids to school. So She will be back Monday lunch time and we will have the house to ourselves for the first time in 3 weeks – She may well choose to punish me then. I look forward to the experience with fear in my heart – I am due 16 strokes before any more She may add, and if She means to hurt me then I will really be for it.


Mistress changed the password to Her Mistress.Wife 360 account yesterday so I no longer know it and am not able to access any messages sent to Her there. I have yet to show Her how it all works, but at least the facility is there and I can’t control it. I’m hoping this will be an opportunity for other dommes out there to share with Her with a view to make me a better slave to Her needs.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back from the break

We are back from a very pleasant weekend away with the family.
While we were away it was 8 days since my last orgasm, and my boner was so big and hard that I was actually proud of its size and swelling. Mistress was kind enough to let me put it in Her Sunday morning and I slid in deep. Rapturous joy. As I stroked Mistress said that I could choose to cum if I wished, in exchange for 5 strokes. Oh my goodness. I deliberated, and ‘decided’ I would not cum. 5 strokes on there own is no big deal, but along with the other 7 that I am due, plus any Mistress might choose to give me for disciplinary purposes, they do add up. So I ‘chose’ not to cum, but just stroked away carefully. As I slowed, Mistress pushed rhythmically back down onto me. There are some things a guy can’t fight, and shore enough I exploded into Her. “Make sure you don’t forget to make a note of the five you get for that” Mistress said as I lay with Her in the glorious aftermath.
Last night we didn’t get to bed until about 1am. As we climbed in Mistress asked if I was tired. She wanted me to go down on Her and I could not understand why She did not just instruct me to do so.
I responded that it was 1am, and that of course I was tired. Big mistake. “Of course is not the answer” She said, otherwise I would not have asked the question. “You will get 4 for that. Never answer ‘of course’ to me.” So, another 4 as well. Mistress told me to make sure we get to bed early today, as She wants me to go down on Her.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Yahoo Friend in Mistress Wife

Mistress starting to read my Yahoo blog has prompted some interesting reactions from people wanting to contact Her – one guy to suggest that She never let me cum again!
I have discussed this with Mistress, and She has kindly agreed to use a new account in Her name that I can’t access to allow anyone who wishes to to send messages directly to Her. So to do this, go to the Mistress Wife profile in my Yahoo 360 friends list and contact Her there.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I was surfing around some other 360 profiles earlier today and came across this picture. I've always liked Sardax's drawings ( I'd never seen this one before, but I find it very provocative. What is the relationship between al the participants? To my mind She is his Wife, putting him down onto Her lover, but that's just my interpretation.

Does the submissive husband want to do it? Is he reluctant or willing? Is he hard? Has he done it before or is this the first time? Are they both submissive to Her, or just the guy going down?

Before we started to live a FemDom life Mistress had me go down on one of Her lovers. To date that is the only cock to have entered my mouth. Although reluctant I'd gladly go down on one of Her lovers if She ever asked me to.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Keeping count

While Mistress’ parents are visiting us there is not likely to be an opportunity for Mistress to give me any canings I deserve – the chances are they would here the ‘thud’ of the cane into my arse if nothing else.

Mistress has kindly agreed to allow me to make a note of any strokes that She awards me while they are here, so that when the time and place is right She can give me the canes I deserve. I am grateful to Mistress for this, because the alternative would probably be that I was due so many canes that Mistress would give me 20 or so strokes and I would not even be clear why. This would mean I would be less likely to learn effectively from the punishment.

Mistress appears to have shifted in the manner of Her award, and is not choosing to punish me more for errant behaviour, although not giving me lots of strokes for it. ‘Little and often’ appears to be the current motto. I think this is so effective, as it means I have to constantly be alert to the need to serve Her properly least I earn more punishment.

The tally so far, according to my note, is as follows:-

For sitting down and watching Mistress unpack the shopping without offering to help (I was exhausted!) – 4 strokes.

For answering ‘Of course’ instead of ‘Yes Mistress’ when asked a question - 1 stroke.

For forgetting to top up the windscreen was in Mistress’ car – 2 strokes. (I must now remember to do this today lunch time when Mistress comes home, or I will earn a further 2 strokes. I have therefore made a diary note on my PDA to remind me).

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Little Mistress

A couple of days ago Mistress came into my study while I was on a 360 web site. I casually closed it down in the hope that She would not read it, but She noticed and demanded to see what I was doing on the web.

I showed Her, and one thing led to another and I ended up introducing Her to this blog.

Prior to that I had not actually told Mistress I was maintaining a blog. I used to tell Her about conversation I had had with people on Yahoo IM, but I never explicitly mentioned my blog. I didn’t want Mistress to have access and read it, least it cramp the release I get from writing it.

But we do live a FemDom relationship, and so when She asked I had no choice but to tell Her, and She has not read some of the blog – not all of it (there are of course 158 posts so it would take a while to read it all if ever anyone could be bothered to do so). Her response so far has been fairly favourable – She said She loves me more than ever for having read it, which is nice, and appears to have resolved a stronger FemDom line as well, which is of course for the better as well – anything that leads to a better slave gets my vote.

So now Mistress has access and will no doubt be looking over my shoulder from time to time. Which is fine if that is what She chooses to do (welcome Mistress ).

Mistress' mother and father are visiting us for a three week holiday, so I am not anticipating that I will receive much training while they are here, but we shall see.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One man's meat...

I had this fascinating conversation with someone here yesterday (name changed and new name invented to protect the not-so-innocent). What fertile ground imagination is!

ldn_lad: Everytime I read your blogs I fantasise about your mistress and taking her in every room of your house
sub_hubby: Grin!
ldn_lad: Having you on your knees in the boot room
ldn_lad: Not being able to watch but able to hear our fun
ldn_lad: Waiting on us to call you to serve us
ldn_lad: Or to take your wife out and have you walking behind us and picking up the dinner tab, and having to watch us get on
sub_hubby: hmmmmm :D
ldn_lad: Going back to a hotel
ldn_lad: And raping you in front of her making her laugh at how gay you really are
ldn_lad: and then enjoying her while you lay on the floor arse burning
ldn_lad: Being able to cum in your wife and watch you eat it out of her

Monday, May 14, 2007

Lucky boy

I had a good round of golf on Saturday. At first I had struggled to find a game, and so agreed with Mistress that I would go and practice while She took the kids to the hair dresser. But later a golfing buddy called up and we had a game. I had 5 birdie putt opportunities on the front 9 (only made one of them!) which is something of a record for me.

When I got home my daughter said to me ‘we did not know you were going to play a game’, and I immediately thought I might be in trouble. Sure enough, Mistress give me 5 strokes for not notifying Her of my movements.

This is the first time Mistress has punished me for breaking a rule, which rule itself has been established with the cane. I find this exciting, because it marks a new phase in our relationship where She has chosen to punish me for breaking a rule. I hope (and get hard at the hope!) that this phase moves from strength to strength and that She insists on full compliance with all Her rules.

On Friday Mistress had a full Hollywood waxing, and Her pussy was as smooth as a bar of soap. My cock got hard pressed up against Her in bed, and Mistress kindly allowed me to put it in Her, though I was not allowed to cum. But then She relented and said I could cum, provided I went down and ate Her clean and to orgasm immediately afterwards, which I so gladly did. My cock was in ‘huge’ mode and I stuck it deep into Her as I came. Once I Was done I did lick Her clean, and while I did so She promised to cane me for it if I did not get Her clean and eat Her properly, but I did both the best I could.

On Saturday I had not done all the laundry before I left for the golf course, and Mistress determined that this was wrong, and chose to give me 6 strokes of the cane as a punishment, telling me to ensure that I do all the end of week laundry on Saturday morning before I do anything else.

This too marks a watershed. It is the first time Mistress has punished me for not doing a chore to Her satisfaction. Again I am excited and delighted: These canes hurt, and you can bet your bottom dollar I will never do anything on a Saturday morning again before I have done the laundry. This will make me a better servant for Her, and so a better and happier submissive.

When on Saturday lunch time Mistress asked (in front of our guests) if I had hung the laudry out to dry, I replied that ‘of course’ I had. What I meant was, given Her decision to punish me for it, I was not going to make a second mistake, and so had hung it out to dry. Mistress was not happy, and explained to me that a good submissive does not answer with ‘of course’, which is not a respectful form of address, and I should have replied ‘Yes Mistress’, or, ‘Yes, I have hung the clothes out to dry’, especially in front of other people, when I should always remember to be extra respectful. Mistress chose to give me 3 strokes for this disrespectful answer. This is yet another watershed: Mistress has never punished me specifically because I did not answer Her submissively enough. Oh bliss. Much more of this and I really will begin to improve and develop to Her liking. I am a lucky boy!

Mistress ordered me to present myself for the strokes after the kids went to bed on Sunday night. I did, and this marks a new phase too, with a return to evening punishments where deserved.