Tuesday, October 19, 2010


At 3pm sharp Mistress texts me. She'll be leaving 'at about 3:45' She says.

I text Her back. 'Have You not finished Your project yet?'. No reply. Conclusion? She's just left for a 30 minute date with him. She's not looking at Her phone while She's with him, so She'll not reply until 3:45. I reckon.

Busy at work?

Mistress tells me She is very busy at work. She must be, because She was due to attend a course in London today and had to cancel that – so instead She’s busy in the office.

And Dave is just back from 3 weeks leave – so he’s got a tonne of mail to sift through you can imagine.

Mistress is due to finish work at 3 this afternoon – in half an hour. At that time Her time is Her own. Dave is supposed to work until 5 – but he’s senior enough to walk out for 30 minutes if he wants a coffee…

So will they take a break from their busy schedules for each other? She wants to – she would not have worn the open crotched tights if She was not allowing for his hand to stray in there.

Will they get together today? If they do will I get to know? Take my poll, you tell me...

First day in the crotchless tights...

It’s Mistress’ first day in the office with him since his holiday, and Her first day in the crotchless tights. I guess She’s hoping that he’ll get to play with Her pussy somewhere – perhaps in the coffee shop or lift. Who knows. Not me.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Crack is Back

He’s back – the three weeks holiday has come to an end.

Our notice of this was the message alert on Her BB when I came down to make tea this morning. So I took it up to Her with Her tea.

She told me, after She’d replied, that he’d texted Her at 6am just to say ‘Hi’ and ‘I’m back’. So that’s where his mind was at 6am.

They exchanged a few messages before Mistress left for the gym. They are probably messaging now. Continuously.

The other day in bed, while Mistress played with my cock, She told me that when he came back it would all start again, and that She would message, flirt and see him, hopefully to fuck as well, as much as possible. She would enjoy doing it, and I should get used to it. She said that if She detected that I was not handling it properly, then She would punish me, but that it would go on.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Mistress has only just got the train 'too much gossip' She explained it away. So I'm in bed blogging from my iPhone.

Tomorrow Mistress' sister and her 7 year old son come to stay for two weeks. I asked Mistress if She would still cane me with Her sister in the house and She said certainly.

She doesn't think She'll tell Her sister about Dave. But I think Her sister will spot them cracking away and guess.

Mistress is increasingly dominant towards me these days, almost bullying. I think Her sister will spot that too. It's going to be an interesting two weeks.

Only three more days now and Dave is back from his three weeks away. Mistress is clearly counting the minutes. I do hope I handle it well. I really want to be very supportive of Her and however She chooses to live.

It's getting very embarrassing these days eating pussy. I eat and eat and eat, and Mistress never puts me in Her mouth. Last time I ate Her She criticised my style right as I was doing it - told me off for resting my chin on Her - said all She wants to feel is my tongue! That was a first. And then She said I could fuck Her in exchange for ten strokes of the cane. Only Her boyfriend gets to enjoy Her for free, She said, not me.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

London Night Life

Mistress is out in London with an oooold girlfriend. She was a bridesmaid at our wedding 15 years ago! Mistress had a training course all day and then hooked up with Her buddy in the City. They’ve been on the booze since 6pm.

So I had to feed the girls and put them to bed – goodness the stress! But we had a good evening. So now they’re asleep and its just me up. Reading porn…(She Wanted a Younger Man).

I texted Mistress to say I’m missing Her. She replied 20 minutes later to ask me to check train times – for an hour and an hour thirty from now – so She won’t be home until about 1:00 am.

I wonder if they’ve hit on any men tonight. I doubt it. I wonder if She’s told Her buddy about Dave. Maybe.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Plan B

Right now Mistress is working in the Kitchen, listening to the band ‘Plan B’.

She got the CD from Dave. She’d never heard of them before She met him. Now we listen to it quite a bit of the time.

Is She thinking of him as She listens to it? Did She choose to listen to it to remind Her of him? If the answer to either of these questions is ‘yes’, then does it matter to me? Should it matter to me?

What do you think? Please take today's poll.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Choosing when to serve

Last night we had visitors round – one of Mistress’ girlfriends. The two were enjoying a glass of wine and a gossip before dinner, when Mistress asked me to cook the dinner so that She could sit and chat.

Mistress is an excellent cook, and I am a crap one, so I didn’t want to do this, so I said to Her that I would do this but the food would get spoiled, so if She didn’t want to cook, then could I instead go out and pick up a ready meal.

She said no, and She cooked the meal.

She was not happy. She said that today I am to be punished with 40 (40!) strokes of the cane. ‘You don’t choose when to serve me! You do as I say!’ She said.

As soon as we woke up this morning I did apologise to Mistress, but She was still cross, and is looking forward to caning me tonight. She would not even let me eat Her arse or Her pussy this morning – She said I don’t deserve to touch Her at all until I’ve been properly punished.

When I apologised I asked Her to please teach me how to cook the stir fry (her favourite dinner) so that I could cook it for Her in future. She told me not to tell Her how I should serve Her, but to simply do as I was told, all the time.

She is of course quite right.

I do hope this marks a turning point in our relationship where from now on She will not hesitate to tell me what to do whenever it makes Her life better, whether She knows I want to do it or not.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Private Affair

Last night Mistress finished work at 3pm. She picked the kids up at 5.30 and was home by 6. She called me at 4:30 from the shops She was in.

This morning I explained to Her that if Dave was around, and She had not called me, I would have climbed up the wall wondering if She was with him.

She got very cross and started arguing with me – even though I had approached Her in a friendly and amiable manner to discuss it.

She said that if She was going to see him, kiss him and have him play with Her pussy, then what business of mine was it to know when She was doing that and when She was not?

I replied that when we got into this it was not a private affair – we shared it and it was for both of us.

She responded that things have changed now, and that I should get used to the new way.

I asked why (still very friendly on my part) why She wanted to go private with it, and She replied that it was because that was what She wanted to do, and it was the most dominant thing She could do to me, and that’s what She wanted to do.

She said that in fact She has never met him without telling me in advance, and would never do so.

She parted and we went to work.

I called her on the way in to work, and said that I was not happy that we had had an honest conversation – She obviously wants to go private so why isn’t She doing so? Why is She always so happy to compromise anything to be able to carry on seeing Her man? Why is She not simply honest about what She wants?

I asked why She did not say: I want to have a private relationship with Dave in which there is no obligation, intention or expectation that I will share anything with you except what I choose. And I expect you, as my submissive, to accept and support that relationship 100%’.

I asked why She never starts discussions about what She wants – we only talk after I discuss my issues with Her – but She never shows any initiative.

I don’t’ get it.

We have agreed to discuss it more later.

His stockings arrive

Mistress mentioned, as we sat downstairs yesterday, that the stockings had arrived that day. She usually orders things for delivery to Her work address, because there is always someone there to receive it – so I guess the tights went there.

She didn’t show them to me as She brought them in. She just put them in Her sock drawer. She must have looked at them first, and thought how nice it would be to experience the soft, silky feel of the material, and the breezy, open freshness of Her naked pussy as She dressed and offered Herself to Dave. I’m sure Her thoughts were not on me at all.

Months ago, when this thing started, we’ve have chosen the tights together and She’d have shown them to me when they arrived. We'd have shared the excitement. But not any more. She's chosen to do it differently.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Crotchless tights (For him)

Last night Mistress gave me 30 punishment strokes of the cane:-

10 for getting cross with Her when She said something I did not like.
5 in exchange for touching my cock
10 for giving me a blow job
5 for not getting up to bed in time to be caned earlier in the week.

She caned hard and slow. Deliberate strokes. I can still feel them now.

She has been very aggressive since Dave has been away. I can only speculate it is because She is missing him and does not want me to forget my place while he is away.

While She fucked me in bed after the punishment, She told me She had ordered some crotchless tights. She explained, as winter approaches She will need to wear tights. And when She’s meeting Dave, She wants him to be able to feely access Her pussy – hence the need for crotchless tights.

She said that I will be able to see when She puts them on the morning, and so will know that She is planning in giving him access that day.

I asked if She was determined to continue seeing him then, and She replied She most certainly was – She was looking forward to it, and cannot wit for him to touch Her cunt again.

She has already identified the dress She is going to wear for their date on his first day back at work. A tight maxi dress that hugs Her arse and show the mound of Her pussy. With no knickers, so that he can clearly see what is under there.