Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Dave’s first BBM message came in at about 7:30 this morning. He was on the train, so had nothing better to do that chat.

‘Can I tell you something naughty?’ he asked.

After some discussion with me Mistress replied ‘You know I love it when you talk naughty’.

‘I want to take your tits out and suck your big hard nipples. Turn you on’. And so it went on from there.

The two of them were on a roll. By the time I’d made the porridge they’d committed every sex act known to man, and some.

So he’s back. And he’s back in the office today, so Mistress dressed carefully – ‘Is this sexy enough?’ She asked me as She turned to look at Her arse in the mirror. Needless to say it was.

She is clearly exuberant. Happy to be back on his sexual radar, and, as She said to me last night, looking forward to fucking him properly.

I’m trying to be positive about it. She’s happy again. That’s good. Her pussy in tingling from talking to him. That’s good. And She’s looking forward to fucking him. Great.

But my heart is beating faster. She’s on the prowl. He’s on the prowl. They are going to spend time and orgasms together, and I won’t be part of it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Morning Glory

For some time now – days or weeks – the detail escapes me! – I have submitted to Mistress’ arse with enthusiasm, daily.

I now try to always offer to lick Her arse about ten minutes before it is time for me to get out of bed to go and make the tea, and whereas in the past I would start reluctantly, I now start with long, strong strokes over Her arsehole, before progressing to gentle and then more thorough penetration with my tongue.

She loves it! She squirms, clenches and moans. Sometimes She wanks as I lick – this is great because I get to see Her fingers inches from my nose!

I love it even more on those occasions when She moans “Hmmmm. That was good! Thank you. Now go and make the tea!”.

It makes a wonderfully submissive start to the day, and reminds Her of the basis in which I thrive in our relationship.

Bunny Boilers

She tells me She’s texted him to say “Am I allowed to tell you that I did not like not talking to you for so long? Felt like a lifetime!” His response was “it was so weird wasn’t it. Hey, it’s good to be back!”

I responded that it all looks very friendly – they’ve said a lot without ‘boiling any bunnies’ – and asked if She was happy with it.

She replied that She was happy. She put it like this:- “The fact that he admitted or said that he missed me and was weird we didn’t talk kind makes me feel better. Feels like we’ve been kinda honest with each other in a way. What do you think?” (This latter question to me).

I’m going to duck Her last question, unless She asks it again. Because I think that its odd for him to get back and say it was weird not being in touch, when he could have simply sent Her the odd message while he was away, or told Her before he left that he could not be in touch….But I’m sure She doesn’t want to hear that…

Where are we?

Yesterday Mistress was not happy. Things did not develop with Dave the way She had hoped. They BBM’d through the day, but not very intimately.

This morning She said She might send him a message ‘What are you thinking?’ It seems She is resolved to get inside his head. I told Her this is interesting, given Her constant insistence that She didn’t want to get inside David’s head when She was going out with him – but She said this is different – She started Her relationship with Dave by getting into his head, and She wants to build it that way.

I think that the message She wants to get to him is this:-

I want to know that you are always there for me – as a special friend, as a lover, as a companion. Someone I enjoy being with and who enjoys being with me, someone I can rely on, and who relies on me. In an open, transparent relationship.

A tricky thing to say to happily married man.

I called Her a few minutes ago to ask if Dave had been in touch. She was at Her open plan desk, so She couldn’t talk much, but confirmed that they are in touch, and he’s asked for a coffee date and fuck date – She’s agreed and he is ‘on it’ which are the words he uses to say he’s going to book a hotel room…

She’s just called me back as I write this – he’s now messaged to say he really missed Her while he was away, and She agreed and is wanting to move the conversation in the direction I surmise above, without putting Her foot in it. Interesting times.

As I said to Her in bed this morning, as my cock grew hard at the thought, where does this leave me, if She does manage to develop the relationship the way She wants.

She said it leaves me as Her much loved husband, who takes care of Her, provides for Her, is Her companion, and who occasionally has submissive sex (that She also loves very much) with Her. What a scary place to be!

I want it to develop, and I don’t. But I’m going to help Her. Not lead Her, but support Her.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Up & Down

Dave eventually replied to Mistress’ BBM at midday. He apologised for the delay ‘while his battery was charging’. It was ‘so nice to be back in touch’. He completely ignored the content of Her earlier message to him.

She can’t decide whether he ignored it because it was too subtle, or because he doesn’t want Her giving him a hard time. But She’s clearly not very happy with him ignoring it. She’s wishing She hadn’t sent it…

She tells me, She’s tired of leading him everywhere – he should take some lead himself. So, She tells me, She has not instigated a conversation today – She has only replied to his. Apparently this is unusual.

By 4pm She relented, and decided to instigate a conversation – just in case he thinks She’s sulking or in a bad mood – She no longer wants to appear that way…

She really can’t decide what She wants. Draw him closer? Accept his distance? She’d like him to be closer, but with both of them happily married this is tricky…

I just support Her either way. I don’t think its my place to lead Her – just to be there for Her and be positive.

It’ll be interesting to see how this shapes up. I reckon that once he gets dirty and Her pussy gets wet, all will be immediately and completely forgiven!

Not a squeek!

Things have been quiet.

As Dave left the office for his week away with his wife, he sent Mistress a BBM to say he was leaving his Crackberry in the office – and She’s not heard from him all week. She’s obviously disappointed, though She pretends not to be, so I downplay it.

She toyed with the idea of texting him on his home phone number, but I discouraged this – if he wanted to use that to communicate with Her then he would have done so. She reluctantly accepted this.

Landed back in the UK

He landed back in the UK on Saturday, and She started to eagerly await his communication.

As we fucked on Saturday night She started to talk about him, and asked how I would cope once he was back and the two of them started communicating again.

I replied as I thrust into Her that I would be fine with that – that She needed a real man to fuck Her properly, to treat Her as his slut, to cum on Her face, in Her mouth and in Her arse, and do all the other sexually dominant things that the submissive me was not able to. She groaned with delight and came hard as I shared that with Her.

But come Sunday he still didn’t text.

She’s learned his diary!

She told me She’s not going to see much of him this week – while he’s been away She’s checked his office diary and knows every detail of his planned movements for the week!

Monday (today) She is not in the office.
Tuesday he works from a remote office in which he has a 3pm meeting, so he’s not going to be back before She leaves the office.
Wednesday they are in the office together.
Thursday She has the day off.
Friday they are due to have an office ‘family’ social. He has said he’s not going for that – but he thinks I am going. But I’m not going – I’m too busy, so I won’t be surprised if he changes his plans and goes for that – we shall see.

Fascinating that She knows every detail of his diary.


While he’s been away She’s been nosing round facebook – She’s found all his family accounts and taken a look at them….


We talked about it and agreed that because he’d been quiet all week, he might now find it hard to make first contact.

She said She was going to play hard to get, and would wait for him to make first contact.

I asked if this is really what She wants – to take the risk that he might find it hard to make first contact, or to facilitate that and encourage him to do so? Did She or did She not want to build a relationship with him where next year when he went on holidays they talked about it before he left, and he did stay in touch, or agreed he would not – didn’t just leave without making it clear?

She said She wanted that closer kind of relationship with him, and so we carefully drafted a welcome home message that She sent to his Blackberry.

She said something like:-

Hey you! I hope you are safely back! (smiley face) I have so missed you. You are a * for not contacting me all week. I am so looking forward to seeing you! Xxx

By 9:30 am this morning he’d still not read the message (That’s the beauty of BBM – you can see when the other side has read it) so we don’t know what the impact of the message was going to be.

But Mistress told me that She wants to be able to discuss the week’s silence with him, and agree that they are closer than that, and entitled to clear communication channels – She wants to draw him in.

Getting inside his head

Apparently on their recent away day he asked Her what She was thinking – tried to get inside Her head. He asked Her if She thought it was wrong that he wanted Her to himself.
She blanked him, not wanting to get that close.

She immediately regretted it and decided She did want to get that close – She said that in a year’s time She wants them to be close partners, able to talk about everything without hesitation… So this recent message is supposed to facilitate that sort of discussion and resultant proximity.

We shall see.