Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 - The year of the cane?

Followers of my blog will know that year 2008 marked the first year in 4 that Mistress chose not to cane me. For Her own reasons – we were living Her way, and Her choice was not to cane me.

2009 is a new year. She has just sent me the attached text from the gym – as you can see She is planning to give me 10 hard ones today.

I wonder, is this a one off, or has She decided that in fact she was better off with the cane and wants it back…

I suspect She will have me eat Her sweaty pussy before She showers too – and I should thing myself privileged to be allowed to lick it, sweaty or not!

My cock is rock hard with fear again. I’m not sure if I want a strict year or not, but damn I’m hard worrying about it!