Friday, September 16, 2011

Confusing Cuckolding Continues

It has been a while since my last update – much has happened in that time, and much has stayed the same.

Since we got back from holiday just over a week ago, Mistress and Dave have been texting each other every day, all through the day. Sometimes they have sex, and sometime – often – they just talk. It is all this talk that I don’t get – they are intimate. Too intimate.

They are due to meet up at a London hotel next week for a fuck, and She’s looking forward to it. They don’t fuck that much – usually they play in his car, and he just gets to cum in Her mouth, so She’s really looking forward to a few hours in a hotel room with him.

Today (Friday) She’s going to go out with Her girlfriend Amanda and another girl. She told me about their plans yesterday. I replied to say that I don’t like it when She goes out with Amanda – She ends up coming home in the wee hours of the morning after fucking other guys, and is hung over and of little use all the next day.

She got a bit upset, and said She won’t fuck anyone else or drink too much – but She’s not happy with that.

Since my last blog post She has never done a performance review for me, nor punished or disciplined me for anything. I continue to serve Her, but there is no FemDom discipline or punishment in our life (and so, I’d argue, no FemDom in our lives – except of course the constant cuckolding with Dave).

I’m not happy with this. I don’t like the cuckolding without the other aspects of FemDom. When I said to Her that She ends up fucking other guys it should have gone like this:-

Her: But of course I end up fucking other guys. You are a submissive wimp who can’t fuck me properly so what do you expect me to do? Go without?

Me: No. I guess You should go out and have fun.

Her: Exactly. Silly boy. And don’t I deserve to party, dance and have fun with my friends?

Me: Yes. Of course You do.

Her: Good. Of course I do. You are completely out of order suggesting otherwise. Before you go to bed tonight I want 1,000 lines ‘Because I am a submissive wimp that is not able to satisfy my Mistress sexually, it is only right that She go out and find other men to fuck Her properly.”

Her: And when we go to bed tonight you are to present yourself for punishment strokes for questioning my right to fuck other men and have fun.

Me: Yes Mistress. Thank You Mistress.

But that’s just my fantasy. No matter how many times I tell Her She just doesn’t get it. I’m thinking of officially putting the boot into the current (non existent) FemDom relationship we have, and ‘normalise’ things – including loosing the cuckolding.