Monday, November 30, 2009

"What I want..."

This morning as Mistress came out the shower She said She had been thinking about what She wants in our FemDom relationship.

On Saturday night we went out for an office end of year party, and about 2.30am when the bar was shut and She’d had plenty to drink, She suggested we all adjourn to the local Casino – the only place still selling booze at that time of night.

She tells me that I said She’d had enough, and rather abruptly ruled it out (I don’t recall this, but She could well be right), and this was unacceptable to Her. I should never claim to be in charge on any matter, and should always defer to Her decision – I could plead my case, but must defer to Her decision.

I think that’s the end of the matter – She did not tell me She was going to enforce this point with the cane, so I don’t think I will be punished for my behaviour.

Did She consider punishing me for it to drive Her point home?

Do I want Her to punish me for it? Yes. I think that She should educate me on Her feelings on the matter by caning my arse until it bleeds and I cry real tears, so I never forget the lesson to defer to Her.

I’d love to share this sentiment with Her, but that could be seen as topping from the bottom and I am resolved NOT to do that.

So I shall simply try to learn from what She said, so that the punishment is not necessary anyway.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Arse Licker

It is some time since I offered to lick Mistress’ Arse in the morning – in fact last time I did, She asked me to. But today I offered – Arse or Pussy as usual, and She chose Arse, as usual, and so down I went.

I gave Her a real treat, smooth all the way, penetrating Her gently but firmly with my tongue. When She called me up, She told me to put it in Her, and I gladly did.

As I fucked Her I could not help but feel so pathetic – all I can do is lick Her arse and then spoon fuck Her from behind, whereas David fucks Her for 3 hours in every position and distortion known to man – no wonder She loves fucking him.

I came a huge orgasm thinking that She must be thinking how much more exciting a good fuck from David is…

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All Change

I sent Mistress this text today. Speaks for itself.

Hi Sexy. You said you were going to cane me for not making you tea the other day. I would obviously prefer that you don't cane me - because it hurts. But if you ever feel that you do want to cane me - for punishment, discipline or just because it makes your pussy wet, then I would be happiest & prefer it if you do exactly and only as you wish. When it comes to defining our FemDom relationship I submit to you 2000% to make me the type of submissive you choose. xx

Monday, November 23, 2009


Mistress tells me She wants me to more outgoing – particularly in the bedroom, pushing more for what I want.

I get the feeling She’s decided She likes that, having tasted it with David, and does not want to live with my submissive side.

So I try it – I give Her a good fucking – while riding Her from behind I get to see the tattoo on Her arse, which I have never seen while fucking Her – in the years She has had it I have not fucked Her doggy style once before!

I like it. She likes it. We try for more. I still find it tricky, pushing for what I want, but damn, it has its rewards and so I try.

Then She asks for tea one morning when I’m asleep. A few beers the night before and I don’t really want to get out of bed yet, so I don’t.

Now She wants to cane me 20 strokes for not making Her tea. She says She’s fine with me being more forward sexually, but when She tells me to make tea I should make tea.

She seems pretty determined to cane me for it.

I’m not so sure I want that. This equality thing has some advantages too.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Making up...

I suggested to Mistress that if She wants to see David again this side of Christmas, then She should apologise to him for leaving his place in a strop – after all, She took Her girlfriend there at 5am, pissed, and She knows the guy has a 3some fantasy – what did She expect but for him to ask? Honestly!

So, at my urging, She’s texted him today to say sorry, She got a little jealous. She said the guy would never reply, but e did. Immediately & happily. So they are now making up.

Why did I encourage it? Suggest it, initiate it, even? I want an exclusive relationship with Her where all She thinks of is me. But in reality, I KNOW She loves fucking him and is never going to forget that – so why not let Her – it makes Her happy and costs me very little.

And maybe one day, maybe, they will both accept me as their submissive. Though that is so unlikely I should forget the idea…

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

“I LOVE fucking that guy”

As I fucked Mistress on Saturday morning, as soon as She got into bed back from David’s, She said ‘I LOVE fucking that guy’. Her eyes were closed as She pushed back onto my cock, and repeated Herself, ‘I LOVE fucking that guy!’

Clearly Her mind was not on me while I did my thing – that guy fucks Her good.

She was drunk, and embarrassed when I told Her about it later, but at least She did not deny it, and confirmed that She does love fucking him.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lover's tiff!

Mistress and David had their first lover's tiff on Saturday - over the 3some with Amanda that he wanted and She didn't want! I find that quite funny - until now their relationship has been artificially perfect - they get dressed up, meet, party, drink fuck and sleep - so for once a little touch of reality crept in...

It'll be interesting to see how it develops moving forward.

He told he her loves her again. But as I said to her - of course he does - their life together is artifially unreal - just good times. Let's see how he copes with his love now...

Because Mistress came home without having had the usual 3 hour of sex with him She was quite horny and I got to cum 3 times yesterday. Means I can't even get it up today - though of course I want to!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meeting up again

Last night Mistress went out with her friend Amanda.

They hooked up with David and partied the night away, finishing up at his place at about 5 am.

He wanted them both together, but Mistress didn't want this - so She ended up coming back to me - though she did 'let him put it in' at one stage...

Monday, November 09, 2009

Oral sex

Last night Mistress told me to go down on Her in bed, which I gladly did.

As She came She pulled my head hard into Her groin to hold me there (I love it when She comes as I eat Her).

She didn't suck my cock. I can't remember when She last sucked my cock - it's just not about that any more.

She sucks David's cock every time She meets him...