Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sorry I've been so quiet...

Been busy chasing stuff...

Little has changed. Mistress moves from boyfriend to boyfriend. They tend to last 3 months, fall in love with her, want more and leave. Her latest has been going for some time now. He always fucks her in all three holes, never cums in her pussy - always cums on her face or in her arse.

She's with him now - just drove to his place.

Before she went she had me lick her arse to loosen it up for him. I suck my tongue in as far as it would go. He's probably ramming his cock in it right now. lucky bastard.

They've been seeing each other for a good few months now. He's happily married - our kids go to the same school!

I think married people, even those as kinky as us, stop doing stuff like anal and oral sex - so the two of them love getting it together for dirty sex.

She gives him a horse whip, fruits, anything he wants or suggests to use on her. He even slaps her as he's fucking her - and she loves it - keeps going back for me.

I wrote a story about it you can read here:

If you like it, give me a 5 star vote! Not enough people have done so! I rather like it. She liked it too - since she read it she's started caning me again...

Good to see you all again.

'till next time.