Tuesday, July 03, 2012

And the winner is lust!

So much for Her deliberations. Lust won out and She is with him right now. “You can kiss it all better when I get back”, She said.

She went in a short dress and kinky brown boots. So I suggested She remove Her knickers so as to present him Her naked cunt. Men live that. So these are the knickers She left with me.

She didn’t take him the whip. I think She was scarred he would hurt Her. He probably will hurt Her anyway.

There are two things he has not done to Her that I figure he wants to do:-

1) Tie Her up and use Her, and

2) Have two cocks fuck Her – in the arse and the pussy at the same time.

I wonder if he’s done one (or both?) of those today.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Savagely fucked in all 3 holes

This morning I offered to lick Mistress’ arse before getting out of bed, and She allowed me.

Spreading Her cheeks I penetrated Her gently with my tongue, before licking all round Her arse lovingly. Tongue fucking it gently.

She felt relatively tight – I could feel my tongue penetrating Her. After She returns from a fucking from Torremolinos, Her arse is loose, and I cannot feel it around my tongue – I just have to lick it. So this morning I penetrated Her gently. She loves that.

Later I said to Her that Her arse had felt a little tighter that it usually was after She’d seen him, and She said that it also felt good. Relaxed and not in any pain.

Last time She visited him She complained that he fucked Her, hard, in Her arse and Her pussy for 1 hour 45 minutes not stop – it hurt! And he went on and on and on and on – all sorts of different positions and contortions – but She says She actually got bored. And he caned Her with a series of new sticks he’d cut for Her.

So this morning She said She’s not sure She wants to go and see him again. Oh yeah!

Now he’s just texted Her suggested they meet up again – he’ll be wanting to see Her tomorrow. She’s texting me about it saying She can’t decide what to do.

I’m not sure if She really can’t decide, or whether She is trying to let me down gently. I think She actually wants to go and see him, but doesn’t want to admit it to me.

We shall see. I’ll keep you posted…