Thursday, September 25, 2008


Mistress has not chosen to actually cane me yet – perhaps She never will?? I don’t talk to Her about it – in fact I never raise FemDom issues, because I want all or any direction in that respect to come from Her.

She obviously still feels She is in a Dom relationship, because She has not touched my cock for nearly as long as I can remember, and many years ago She would not go 24 hours without grabbing or fucking it somehow.
As it is I can’t remember when I last came :(
Just as She is Domming me day to day – telling me what to do, not touching my cock – ignoring it in fact – issuing instructions, so too do I submit to her – in particular, although I touch her gently with my hard-on every morning – just enough for me to gain a little, modest pleasure, and for Her to know I find Her desireable - I still do not dry hump Her because I don’t want to be offered canes in exchange for an orgasm…

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All is well

All is well on this submissive’s front. The holidays were great, but are over and the kids back to school, and live has returned to ‘normal’.

We all took the kids to school on their first morning back, and then Mistress dropped me off at home on Her way to work. It was the first time we were on the compound alone for months and I was trembling with fear that She might cane me, that being the first opportunity She has had since sentencing me.

In the build up to that date I had been extra submissive, pleasant and subservient, offering to lick Her pussy or arse every morning, without pushing to do so, and not thrusting my cock into Her in the mornings like I used to – I’ve worked out that when I do this She let’s me fuck Her and then sentences me to strokes for being allowed to cum in Her. So I just touch Her gently with my hard on, I don’t ‘dry-hump’ Her leg any more.

Anyway, all my submission paid off and She did not choose to cane me, and has not done so yet, though She has ordered me down on Her a number of times and not given me any stimulation myself, so She is in a dominant mood of sorts – She certainly instructs me plenty.

So all is well. I continue to submit (most of the time) to try and ensure I don’t give Her any reason to lay into me.

I’ll keep you posted…