Thursday, July 19, 2007

A whole day of punishement?

Life has been very busy with a couple of work projects, which has accounted for my scarcity here. And the kids have broken up for the summer holidays which has made us both a little busier and meant less kink in our lives (though no less service!)

We go abroad for 2 weeks this weekend. To allow us to pack on Saturday Mistress has arranged for the kinds to go to my mums for the whole day.

Given that I have not been caned for a week or two, and have earned no less than 25 punishment strokes so far, this made me kind of suspicious. My suspicions were confirmed last night when Mistress told me as we got into bed that I would be getting all the strokes She owes me, plus any more that I deserve, on Saturday when the kids are out at mum's.

There will be few distractions – Mistress will not be leaving the house and will be able to take all the time She requires. I fear that I am in for the most lingering and telling caning of my life to date this weekend. I might not have time to keep you posted before we go off on holiday, arse smarting!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Love or a Licking?

It’s been at least two weeks, I think quite a bit longer, since I was permitted to cum by Mistress, let alone invited to, and it may be a while longer before I am.
So why am I sitting here getting hard at the thought that a caning would be a great, if not wholly acceptable alternative to being permitted a hard, culminating fuck?
Gentlemen, what are your views? If you had the choice to spend a little time with Mistress would you prefer:-
To make love to orgasm, or
Be stripped, tied and caned severely.

(Sorry! One day I'll work out if its possible to have a poll on here)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Spoke too soon

It seems I spoke to soon. Mistress has identified the need to manage me, and has chosen to provide that leadership.

Mistress and I decided we would have a party (hopefully a BBQ but in this rain who knows!) on 18 August. I was charged with preparing the invitations on the computer.

Yesterday school term ended and I had not done the invites, so Mistress could not give them to the parents She wanted to. She informed me that for this failing I will receive 15 ‘hard ones’. Oh dear.

I should have done better. She did tell me to do them – I have played golf twice since then, but have not yet done as She asked.

I am grateful that Mistress has identified and pulled me up on this shortcoming. The only way I am going to improve to the standard I desire is with such assistance from Her.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Puppet on a string

All has been quiet these last few days – life goes on….

The advert in search for some extra cock for Mistress is now running on adultfriendfinder and ALT.COM – hundreds of replies, many very strange, already. I don’t live in hope, but shall have to vet the replies for Her and pass them on.

My arse is still seriously smarting from my anniversary caning. I am aware of it whenever I sit. This has provided a very effective form of control –it seems my rededication to Mistress has also strengthened Her. She now give me any orders in the expectation that they will be obeyed without question, and this makes Her life much easier. There is no need to threaten to punish me, or indeed actually punish me, because I behave and always do obey Her.

So I continue to do Her bidding, under Her effective control, without the need for Her to manage me.

All is well.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Tea time

Normally the kids wake us up in the morning and no lie in goes much past 9am. But with them having a sleepover at my mums this weekend Mistress and I could really pull out the lay stops.

As I lay awake in the morning I debated whether to offer Mistress a cup of tea. If I do so, She normally accepts. If I don’t then when ready She will instruct me to go and make tea. To date its been a 50/50 split between me offering and Her instructing. I feel that this is wrong. She knows I am there to make Her tea and is perfectly capable of deciding when this should be without input from me.

So I decided to talk about it. I asked, for the rest of our lives together, would She like me to offer Her tea in the morning, or wait for Her to ask. Her initial response was that it was fine for me to offer. But I made the observation to Her that She knew I was there to make tea for Her, and so perhaps it made more sense for me to lie quietly until She said She as ready, because then She would get tea when only when She wants it, always when She wants it, and not be troubled any other time.
Mistress contemplated this and to my delight agreed. She can decide when She wants a cup of tea and in future I will not offer, but will wait to be told when She is ready.

Her gifts to me

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend with the kids away at my mums, giving us time to relax and spend time together. As Her gifts to me Mistress gave me a beautiful little glass ornament with love hearts and ‘you’ and ‘me’ inscribed. I noted that the cubes sit with the ‘you’ cube on the bottom and the ‘me’ cube on top, and observed how appropriate this was to Mistress, with her on top of our relationship and She was delighted with the observation.

As we lay in bed together I formally recommitted myself to a life of service to Mistress which She graciously accepted. To mark the occasion, when we got out of bed She made me tie myself down and then gave me a special gift of one stroke of the cane for each of the years be have been married. Combined with ten for nibbling my nails, another ten for nibbling my nails on a second occasion, and 5 for being rather moody on Friday the total of 36 strokes was a violently painful experience that has left me close to tears and my arse striped and in pain. I can only hope that Mistress has started the next 11 years as She means to go on.

I am only lucky that Mistress chose not to give me another 50 that She promised if I came without permission on Saturday night, as when I withdrew from Her to avoid orgasm I had a spontaneous spillage onto Her tummy that I was unable to stop, but that was not a ‘proper’ orgasm. Had She chosen to punish me for that (which I actually think She should have done, but thank my lucky stars She did not) I think She would have actually had me in tears.

On Sunday morning Mistress approved a draft of the advert which I have now placed on an adult dating site. I shall vet the applications and pass the interest on to Her, but will not be pushing Her to date any one of them if She does not actively choose to.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Anniversary present?

This Sunday is our 11th wedding anniversary, the last three of which have been in a formal FemDom state.

When we first got married Mistress had a couple of lovers that we found through contact magazines (this was before the internet had really taken off) Alex and Leon. They were both in their very early 20s.

Leon was a body builder from London who used to come down to visit whenever we called him (or whenever he was feeling horny and Mistress would let him come). Apart from being built like a brick house, this guy could fuck for hours! I don’t mean twice as long as me, I mean he could go on and on and on and on. Watching, I used to marvel at it.

Alex was a slim, smooth sexy local university student. He was good looking in an elegant way, with a long, slim prick that Mistress would play with for ages, wanking and sucking, sometimes making him spill over he lovely tits. I could watch them for ages.

Particularly on wedding anniversaries and Mistress’ birthdays we would usually call one of them up and they would come round and have sex with Mistress for hours while I watched and took pictures.

So even back then, although we were not in a FemDom relationship, Mistress had lovers that She enjoyed, whereas I did not, other than Her.

Then the kids came along and we got busy raising infants, and other lovers fell by the wayside. But with our wedding anniversary coming along, and wondering how we are going to celebrate it, Mistress and I had the following conversation while She was at work.

Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation.

Sub hubby says: Hello Mistress

Mistress Wife says: hello u

Sub hubby says: Your cock is hard with anticipation and fear that You might go ahead and give me the strokes You spoke about tomorrow morning.

Mistress Wife says: I sure will give them to you ....looking fwd to it xx

Sub hubby says: Oh dear. Thank You Mistress

Sub hubby says: I mowed the front lawn, it looks very nice

Sub hubby says: Then I had gotten sweaty so I had to shower.

Sub hubby says: While showering I was remembering, in the days we used to meet Leon and Alex, we regularly celebrated our anniversaries and your birthday by getting in a lover!

Sub hubby says: Nice memory!

Sub hubby says: We are out of milk, Mistress.

Sub hubby says: Will you be going to Waitrose?

Mistress Wife says: yes, I am going to Waitrose

Mistress Wife says: Yes, that is a nice memory

Mistress Wife says: Maybe one day we will find one like them xx with a nice nob

Sub hubby says: Yes Mistress

Sub hubby says: Why don't I draft an advert for Your approval, to place on an 'adult' dating site?

Sub hubby says: I could vet the applications for You (unless You want to) and notify You of any of interest

Mistress Wife says: draft then I'll see b4 you put it there

Sub hubby says: Thank You Mistress

I’ve since drafted an advert, but I’ve not had time to present it to Mistress for Her consideration.

I am hoping that we can find a nice guy who Mistress enjoys spending time with, with a big hard cock that they both like to use a lot, and that Mistress will get full satisfying sex from him so that I get to cum less and less and become more and more of a useful slave rather than object of Her sexual desire, apart from eating Her pussy of course.

(the picture is of us leaving the house to get married 11 years ago)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Because You can

On our way home from doing the school run this morning Mistress asked me how many She owed me. “Ten, Mistress,” I replied.

“Because I have to get to work, I don’t have time to wait and listen while you say ‘thank You Mistress’ after every stroke, so you can just say it after five,” She instructed me. I deduced that She was stopping by to cane me.

As soon as we got home I went upstairs and stripped off, affixed my wrist and ankle cuffs, paid the cane on Her side of the bed, looped the ankle cuffs and one wrist cuff over the four-poster and waited for Her to loop the final wrist, binding me to the bed until She chose to release me.

She picked up the cane and bounced it on my arse. “Ask for them!” She said.
“I promise not to cum again without permission. Please give me ten strokes Mistress,” I said.

She cut the first one into me. A record by any recent standards – a full, sweeping cut into my arse. She took a little more time with the next four – certainly not machine gun shots like last time, but no undue lingering either. Each strokes was much more effective than the last series. But I managed to lie still, allowing Her to strike where She chose. I was strangely proud of this.

After five She paused and I said “Five Mistress. Thank You. I promise not to cum again without permission. Please give me five more.” I lay waiting, wondering which side they would come from.

They cut in from the other side. Five hard blows, no diminution in power this time, but good, painful strokes designed to influence behaviour. I was very grateful.

After the tenth I spoke fast. “Ten. Thank You Mistress. I will try not to cum again without permission.” (For some reason I recognised that promising this is a bit rash…).

She stood over me. “Now ask me to give you five more because I can!” She said.
“Yes Mistress. Thank You Mistress. Please give me five more because You can Mistress,” and the cane rose and fell five more times. Again, all good decent strokes.

I do like the extra strokes. They tell me that Mistress has chosen to hurt my arse, Her arse, either to prove Her dominance over me, or to cause me pleasure pain, or because She enjoys doing so – I don’t know, and it does not matter, because what matters to me is that She chose to do it.

I thanked Her and She left the room to let me arse tingle without relief before returning to release me after a few minutes.

I rose naked and kissed Her goodbye as She went to work. A tender, lingering kiss with real love.

PS Last night I had the privilege of eating Mistress to a powerful orgasm. A genuine pleasure.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


This morning in bed I asked Mistress if She would like me to go down on Her and She told me to go ahead. It was a chilly morning, so She did not throw the covers, but turned on Her back and spread Her legs, and I went down under the covers so She would stay warm.

Later, when She was doing Her Pilates while I watched from bed with a cup of tea, I asked Mistress whether it was in order for me to ask if She would like me to lick Her pussy in the morning – since She can, of course, instruct me to do so any time She chooses.

Mistress replied that it is in order for me to ask, but that some times She may decide She does not want me to, depending on Her mood.

I was a little puzzled why She felt the need to explain that sometime She might not want me to – She does not owe me any explanations. So I replied that it was, of course, Her prerogative to accept or decline my offer at any time without the need to give me excuses.

I am of course glad that Mistress has allowed me to go on requesting this privilege in the morning.


This morning we both took the kids to school. As Mistress dropped me back home on Her way to work, She queried whether or not She owed me strokes. “Yes Mistress,” I confirmed.

She said that She will not give them to me today because the cleaning lady is in, but will give them to me tomorrow. I was immediately overcome with trepidation, and gave Her a lingering kiss goodbye as She dropped me off.

Mistress has only once before caned me on a Wednesday. If she decides to take to the habit then I could be for it two days a week rather than just the one. While I am sure that this will make me a better submissive, my arse will suffer.

If She does give me the strokes tomorrow, then I shall have to be extra good to make sure I do not earn any more before Friday.

It was clever of Mistress to tease me into anticipation in this way. I am of course of a more submissive mind knowing that She will probably choose to cane me tomorrow.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Leisurely lovin’

It was a weekend of chores, but I stayed on top of it and am starting the new week with everything up to date. A nice feeling.

Last night as I lay in bed watching Mistress get ready to join me my cock got hard. Any guy’s would, watching that Delight strip down, but the usual kinky thought processes were firing in my head.

- “Would She make me eat Her?”

- “Was my chin smooth enough to avoid punishment if She did make me eat Her?”

- “Doesn’t She look fine!”

- “What a great 6 pack!”

- “My cock is so hard, shall I report it to Her?”

- “If I don’t report it to Her, will She punish me for not doing so when She climbs into bed and feels it?”

- “I better make sure I don’t touch it, She might notice and punish me for touching it without permission.”

The safe route won out, and I reported my hard on, citing all the above thoughts as the reason for it.

Mistress giggled, laughed and got into bed commenting that She certainly would punish me for any of those things, and may well punish me for not talking Her respectfully enough earlier in the day, and to make me talk to Her differently, more respectfully in future.

She spread Her legs and brought my hand down to play with Her pussy. I gladly did, and as I did I told Her that She could make any change She wanted to me any time – She is the most important person my life and can change anything. I told Her of my recurring fantasy in which She changes me - for example at a party or other public place where She walks up to me and says that I have not been behaving submissively enough, and so She is going to give me 20 strokes for insubordination. I am to improve forthwith, and if I am not submissive enough over the coming hour then I will earn another 5 strokes, and another 5 the following hour, and so on until my behaviour adjusts to Her satisfaction.

Mistress like the idea of this and said She will consider using it next time we are in public – particularly when on holiday (with friends) later in the month.

I continued to tickle Her pussy while we whispered to each other, the juices flowing freely from Her. It occurred to me how nice it must be for Mistress to have a living vibrator that She can lie back and turn on any point in time – a toy that would be worth a fortune! Look! No hands!

At one stage though, excitement overcame me and I was a little rough with Her. To my regret and dismay She had to admonish me to be more careful, which I of course was.

She reached back and held my dick – heaven! Her touch was magical. Instead of pulling away after 3 or 4 strokes as She usually does, She wanked me continuously for some time – it was WOW! She drove me to the edge a number of time times, before stopping when I let Her know that I was close to orgasm and sending me down to eat Her.

I tucked in with my mouth and Her pussy got even wetter. Mistress was by now fighting off the orgasm – I had been stimulating Her for nearly 20 minutes none stop – a guy would have cum ages ago!

Eventually She could fight it no longer and crashed to orgasm as I licked and sucked enthusiastically but gently. She pulled me up to Her and we went to bed.

This morning my cock was hard as I recalled the night’s events. I reported my hardness to Mistress, and explained that I was scared that this had been the second time I had gotten a bit rough with Her, and that my fear was that if I did it again She may choose to punish me. She said She would – if I get overzealous again then She will punish me.