Monday, October 13, 2008

Touching me

Increasingly these days, particularly in the absence of any overtly FemDom activity on Mistresses part, I feel that my/our pretence at a FemDom relationship should end. Yesterday evening was a classic case in part where Mistress said something really dumb which we were watching telly and I got really pissed off and angry, thinking to myself ‘thank goodness our FemDom is over, because I would really struggle submitting to that degree of stupidity’.

But then this morning as we are lying in bed, She rolls over towards me, reaches down with Her hand, takes hold of my cock and balls and pulls them, resting Her leg on them and snuggling back to snooze.

Wow! I was electrified. She’s not touched my cock for weeks – what was She going to do? Wank me off, play with me a little? I lay there tense, waiting, but She did nothing else. Just lay there with her delicate leg resting on my hard cock.

Eventually I realised She had no plans to play with me again and decided I may as well get out of bed.

Before I did I asked if She would like me to lick Her arse, figuring that if I sucked and stuck my tongue right up Her arse it would partially compensate for my loosing my temper yesterday, and certainly confirm my submission to Her anyway.

To my delight She agreed and I turned down on Her, eased her gorgeous but-cheeks apart and licked at Her with my tongue before pushing it in and around as deep as it could go, licking and sucking at Her arse.

I can imagine how pleasant this must feel, and She has confirmed to me how much She likes the physical pleasure of this, as well as the extreme humiliation and submission inherent in my doing it.

As my tongue probed I found myself wishing She would come home and thrash me for my poor behaviour yesterday, but I’m sure She won’t, and I am not going to suggest it, or any other domination activities, to Her.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Is it all in my mind?

I wonder if Mistress has abandoned the idea of FemDom altogether, and that I am the only one living under this illusion? I don’t think so, but the FemDom is very overt. She has not punished me or threatened to, and does not appear about to.

On the other hand, She did a wash today while I was out, then took the clothes out and left them there telling me to hang them up. And She has not touched my dick since I last blogged about it – so there is something going on, but I don’t understand it.

No matter, I still do my best to serve and will continue to do so. I am not going to push Her into anything.

It is the start of a new month, so I shall be off to get Elise Sutton’s latest update. I usually enjoy most of thatJ