Monday, October 29, 2012

Accepting my place

On Saturday morning as I tongued Mistresses arse, my tongue literally slipped right in, as far as I could push it, with no resistance whatsoever, because he had rammed his cock in it so hard that She was still wide open there the next morning.

I thought that with it so loose, my own cock could slip into that lovely warm hole with so little resistance that She would feel no discomfort, and so I said to Her ‘It’s so loose, I could slip my cock in gently, without hurting you at all. Please can I try and put it in your arse?’.

She said no. ‘Yours is a wimp cock, and does not deserve to go in my arse. That is only for real men, who ram it in without asking. You are my wimp submissive. Your job is to lick my arse it better after a real man has been fucking it. That’s what you do well, and that’s what I want from you’.

She could have been quoting ritemate’s comment!

Last night She was away at a friends house – they ran the Great South Run and then went out for a few drinks, going back to sleep at Her friends, so I was home alone after the kids went to bed, and started watching a porno to wank to.

She texted me and asked what I was doing so I told Her.

She replied that I should not watch porn, saying:

Be your submissive self, that’s what ‘s true and what I love. Everything else is bollocks. You are a cuckold sub. My cuckold sub, that I love. Just be that for me. That’s enough, and what I love”.

It seems difficult to believe that She will continue to give other men Her mouth and arse to fuck, but not give them to me, even when I ask so nicely and submissively.

Ellise Sutton maintains that regular disciple is necessary to remind the submissive of his place. Accompanies by punishment for those times he does not accept and fulfil his place.

I agree with Her. Mistress and I used to live that relationship, with regular discipline and punishment, but She chose to end it – I think She feels it unfair/wrong to cane me and cause me pain when She loves me. Of course the pain of not getting Her arse when other men do is far more severe – but She doesn’t seem to mind, in fact enjoys causing, that pain.

I’ve talked to Her about it before – and She agreed that punishment and discipline were useful and important tools – She was going to real Loving Female Authority again to remind Herself of it, but She hasn’t done so.

I maintain that if She now punished my for suggesting I be allowed into Her arse, and punished me for watching real men have sex in the porn DVD, forcing me to accept my place as Her submissive, then I would be a happier submissive.

I really want this, but its not my place to demand or require it of Her.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

How much sex can a cuckold get?

So Friday morning we got to fuck. Then She fucks Torremolinos again last night…

So this morning I offer to eat Her arse (which is where he came last night). She lets me. Her arse is wide open from his fucking and my tongue slides all the way in. I get as hard as a rock and end up fucking Her pretty hard again – unusually hard – this morning.

We screw every day or every other day. Not bad for a cuckold. Because I’m a cuckold. Otherwise we’d probably screw considerably less.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Biting the bullet

Acting on ritemate’s advice I reflected on my humble status this morning as I cuddled Mistress in bed. I was just about to offer to engage e in oral sex (eat Her arse) when She told me to eat Her arse before going to make the tea. I told Her I was just about to offer, and sent my velvet tip down to pleasure her deeply.

I gave Her as much pleasure as I could, growing hard at the thought of his cock ramming in there. When She told me to go and make the tea, I said that I had hoped to ‘put it in Her’. She kindly agreed, and I spooned into Her in the only position in which we now fuck.

My cock was hard a s a rock as I wimped into the pussy he rams so hard, and I pushed deep, deep into Her before cumming and going down to make the tea.

As we later drank our tea in bed, She said She felt She aught to contact Torremolinos and ask if he’d like Her to go round – so that he didn’t feel that it was always him doing the asking.

I’d just cum in Her ten minutes earlier, and already She was thinking of a real fucking from him!

So She has texted him and they have arranged to meet, at 6pm this evening. She did not take her vibrator in to work with Her. She likes to have it with Her as he will not cum until after She does, so She has to use the vibrator to make Herself cum – otherwise he just keeps going…

So I drove down to Her office and dropped it off for Her to take to his place later today.

I did well!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The London excuse...

Mistress is not working in the office today. She’s going to London for a course. She was hoping to meet Dave, but he’s let Her down – She says She’s not bothered by that – She’s sick of him…. She’d ‘rather contact Torremolinos on Her way back’ anyway.

So what She wants to do is spend the day in London, then, when She gets back in the evening, instead of coming straight home, because She’s got an excuse to be out, She wants to use that excuse to go and open up Her arse to him again and get a thorough fucking.

She just hasn’t figured out quite how to break my heart and tell me yet…

Self defence: The cuckold hard on

Since Her last visit to Torremolinos I have felt myself to be in a sexual vacuum. The knowledge that She wants to pursue him sexually – that She wants his cock, rammed into Her for ages, probably more than She wants my cock, is disturbing.

I cannot fuck for 2 hours as he does, even if I try. And I’m not sure I want to! But he does. And She does. So I should. But I can’t. And my cock gets hard, ready to defend itself, by fucking Her in the best way I can. But I can’t win. Can’t outfuck him.

She looks so sexy. She is training to run a half marathon, so Her body is fitter than ever. Lovely legs and arse. My legs and arse. Lucky me. Except I don’t fuck that arse at all. Let alone as thoroughly as Torremolinos does.

My cuckold hard on is hard right now. I need to take it out and wank it while I think of Her wanting him. Think of him calling Her to him this week. Think of Her offering to go to him this week. She did say She might do that today, as She is out the office today. Cuckold hard on. Conflicts.

You can see how disturbed I was by it. My last post does not even have a heading. I’ve never done a blog post without a heading…

Monday, October 22, 2012

She came home from Her Friday evening visit to him in good time – to my surprise.

So much for me wondering whether or not She would go – She has planned it all along, taking Her vibrator in to work with Her so She would have it for Her visit to him later in the day.

This time She confessed to having loved the sex with him, when he, as usual, rammed all three holes for ages and whipped Her arse with his phone charger cable – now his weapon of choice.

Apparently at some stage He instructed Her when on all fours to hold Her arse open for him, which She did as he then rammed his cock into it. The thought is too painful – She opened it up for him, but won’t let me in it at all!

He came (eventually) in Her mouth, and then pulling out to cum on Her face and in Her eyes again.

When She came home She wanked me to orgasm while She told me about it all – despite my begging not to be made to cum, because I wanted to fuck Her like he had done, but She made me cum on the floor and then wipe it up myself.

I did fuck her on Sunday, submissively as usual, and then again this morning. I fucked as deep and as hard as I could, imaging his (bare-back) cock that She now admits to loving fucking in and out of Her. I was trying to fuck him out of Her system, but it never works – Her pussy can take more cock and so it does – I can’t finish it!

I don’t doubt he’ll be back for more this week….

Friday, October 19, 2012

Deep throat

It's not fair.

As expected he made contact, and after Pilates She will go round there for hours of fucking and deep throat sex.

She said that when She comes home She'll make me wank while She tells me all the horrible things he did to Her.

I said I would like to at least lick Her arse and pussy after he has fucked them, and She said licking Her arse was good, so hopefully I will at least get to do that.

Cum in Her face

Following on from ritemate’s comment in my last post (feedback is always welcome, hint hint!) I thought I better qualify that when Mistress was last with Torremolinos he didn’t actually cum in Her arse, but chose instead (after 2 hours of brutal fucking in Her arse, pussy and mouth) to cum all over Her face instead.

OIf course I have not cum on Her face since I don't know when!

Before He came he fucked Her throat so hard that She puked the glass of red wine She’d had earlier all over his carpet! And he literally fucked the shit out of Her arse too, so he had to clean both of those up – apparently he cleaned it all up rather than getting Her to. Quite shocking really.

Anyway, when She came home Her eyes were red from having had his cum in them.

The following Monday (Monday this week) he invited Her back, but She was too busy, but offered to go round there this evening instead.

Last night we had a huge fight over some diary mistakes I’d made for today, and She got quite upset. It will be interesting to see if She still goes off to see him after our fight. I suspect She won’t – She likes our house to be in order before She cuckolds me. But I hope She chooses to go anyway, because that would be far more dominant. As always She’ll contact me first to see what I think – but the minute She asks me I know She wants to go so I get a cuckold hard on and encourage Her. Terrible. We shall see. I’ll let you know.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Anal sex

Mistress has just arrived at Torremolinos' house. Last time She was there She was brutalised in all three holes for two hours before he finally came in Her arse.

To commisserate with Her I am sitting here with my but plug up my arse. It looks like the middle one in the picture and it hurts, as She would say, 'like buggery' when you put it in.

I'll see if I can keep it in for the full 2 hours She's having his cock shoved in Her...