Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What is normal?

In July we went away on our family holiday and since we got back life has not been ‘normal’.

First I sprained my back getting in and out of Mistress’ new sports car – I’ve not been able to play golf, or go down on Mistress’ arse properly, since then. She said She’s not caned me because She’s not wanted to make it worse.

Then Mistress’ mum came to stay for a couple of weeks. Then when she left, her Dad came to stay for a couple of weeks.

He’s leaving on Friday morning.

My back’s getting much better – I have administered to Mistress’ arse the last few mornings – today’s being a particularly pleasant session.

So once Mistress’ Dad leaves us on Friday, life will return to normal. But what’s normal?

Will She cane me and bully more?

Will I get more sex from Her? Or less?

Will She see David more?

I’m sure something will be different. There is no such thing as normal. We shall have to wait and see.

The crazy dichotomy

This crazy dichotomy exists when Mistress is ‘actively’ fucking David:

I find Her more alluring. I think, I perceive, whether true or not, that She changes – She becomes more vital, more dominant. She swaggers more. She’s quite simply more darn sexy. More desirable. And of course I love that. I love ‘having’ such a sexy person.

Then there’s the other side to it: She’s too happy, too alive. Too vital. And She’s that way because She’s thinking of what he does to Her. I perceive myself, whether true or false, right or wrong, to be an irritant up against his sexual fulfilment. An annoyance that cannot do the job as well – less desirable to her – in fact, quite unnecessary in this respect.

I simply cannot reconcile the two sides. They both drive me. It’s the strangest sensation. It is literally not under control – I cannot control it – it’s almost frightening. It makes me feel that it’s not safe. I’m scared of it.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Request for skirt? 1 day only poll...

When Mistress went to meet David last week, She went in tight trousers - despite my suggesting that he would prefer a skirt.

Sure enough, when She was back She told me he had said how hot She looked the one time he saw Her in a skirt, and he said he would have to come and meet Her during a lunch break so as to see Her in a skirt.

Mistress looks HOT in a skirt - the pic here is of Her leaving my golf club after lunch one day.

Yesterday Mistress went to work in a DELIGHTFUL short skirt and tights. Yummy. She often does this - She does not own a long skirt! But I wondered if She was doing it with a view to hooking up with David on this occassion, but apparently not.

She was looking so hot that I went into town to meet Her in Her lunch break - so I had the benefit!

I was going to suggest to Her that She looked so hot, She should text David and let him know She had on a short skirt and tights... see if he didn't respond.

But I don't want to enourage Her - I don't want to Her see him again (well, you know, I don't know...) but I do know She'd love the whole event if She got to flirt then flash Her legs at him....They'd probably end up fucking for 3 hours on that day!

So what should I do? In my 24 hour poll only to the side, give me some advice!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Paying for sex

Last night I invited Mistress to suck my dick if She wanted to. She declined. Then She relented, and said that She would suck it, if I first asked Her to give me, and actually then got, 20 strokes of the cane. Once she had caned me, She would suck me well.

In fact, She decided, She will never suck my cock again, other than under this regime – I must first ask for the strokes, and the sucking that follows.

So, She asked, did I want Her to proceed?

20 strokes is a vicious affair that would leave my arse swollen and perhaps cut, so I declined.

She grunted and said that I would have to ask for a blow job on these terms at least once a fortnight, or She’d cane me anyway.

This is what happened last time She was fucking David – She got much more dominant.

Sex Update

Mistress was kind enough to give me a brief version of events when She last met David. When they first got in he used a vibrating egg on her clit.

Then she lay back and he fucked her pussy.

He turned her, lubed and tried to fuck her arse but could not get in because She was too tight, so they abandoned that and instead She sucked his dick.

They fucked and he came in her cunt, with her riding on top of him.

Oh yes! And She nearly forgot to tell me, he also had some anal toy that She used on him ‘shoved up his arse’ was how She put it!

‘That’s all’, She said – but ‘that’ took them from about 11:30pm to 12:45, so there was obviously a little more to it than just that.

I am grateful to Her for the insight - She didn’t have to share it with me.

Friday, September 25, 2009

What did they get up to?

Mistress still won't tell me what they actually did - not that I've been pushing Her to tell me - I don't want to push Her to do anything - I just asked Her casually again, but She wouldn't say.

I can't even look at porn without wondering.

She texted him again this morning. She spent ages deliberating exactly what to say, and discussed it with me, and then sent him a sweet text to set his mind at ease after his boi fantasies about me yesterday.

Rationing! ?

David was on the 'phone having text sex all night yesterday - he invited Her round to his, and She would have gone, but couldn't really leave the house again with Her dad visiting us. If he was not here, She'd have gone back to him again.

I don't encourage Her - She's quite clear I'd rather have Her to myself, but I 'allow' it and She chooses to do it.

The text sex was, erm, amazing! They were going on about Her dressing him up as a girl with a wig and making him suck my huge cock deep into his mouth, and into his arse, and you name it! All from him! He wants me to fuck him in the arse! And She wants to do it - they agreed they'll set it up for when Her dad leaves.

Will they really? My goodness! What can I say?

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Mistress was kind enough to let me eat Her cream pie from David when She got back in at about 1:30 am this morning. And She had me screw her as well – She came twice while we fucked, making it at least four times for the evening – as She said, She’s a very greedy girl!

She had a great time with David. He said he’s given it a good go with his girlfriend since he met Mistress, but has decided she is not the one for him – he prefers Mistress and wants all of Her – but since he can’t have all of Her, and is not happy with his girlfriend, he is now resolved to have some of Her.

Apparently he plans to ‘ration’ his time with Her – and not see Her every day – so we shall see.

They had a good 3 hours in the pub Mistress described as chatting about all aspects of every day life. They’ve never done that before – shared life’s little intimacies – and She sees this as a big step forward…

Apparently when they went back to his place to fuck he took complete control in the bedroom and fuck they did – but She decided not to tell me the details – She says I don’t need to know those – all I need to know is they had sex.

She did tell me that Her arse was too tight for him, and he had to abandon his attempt to screw it – even the olive oil he usually uses did not help – he came in Her pussy which She had me eat on Her return.

When She got home She sent him a text 'Home now. It was soooo got to c u. xx." That says it all really.

Interesting the 2 kisses. Hitherto he has only had one kiss, and I have been the only one to get two kisses...

So that’s it. She’s like the cat that got the cream.

I am ambivalent.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Interesting day - and its not over yet...

Well, it’s been an interesting day so far.

This morning, as I was eating Mistress’ arse in bed she actually complained that I was not doing it well enough! I redoubled my efforts – though I thought I was doing fine.

When She had had enough, She drew me up and into Her and we had a great fuck while she moaned and groaned! I came thinking that for once David would get to eat some of my spoof!

Mistress was exuberant all day, not least this evening as She dressed to go and meet David – she’s just driven out looking like a million dollars – lucky guys is going to get to use all Her holes today!

She let me take a couple of pictures as She got ready, but I don’t have the USB reader to get them off the camera, so I’ll post them tomorrow.

And her Dad, my father in law, is sat in our family room watching telly, thinking She’s gone to meet the girls!

She says she’ll bring me back a load of spoof to lick up. I wonder!

We’re both wondering why he’s been so keen to meet up after so long – it’s almost like this marks a turning point of some sort? Perhaps more will be revealed.

They’re in each others arms now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


If they meet tomorrow he'll have his cock in Her arse and Her mouth, and will choose which of those to cum in... Which is more than I'll do in the next 3 months.

I guess that's why She needs/wants him.

Seems the conversation got him going...(or got them going!)

It continued...

Her: Ok, I look fwd to hearing from u :-) Xx

Him: Wot u up to tomorrow night? X

Her: Nothing much x what u thinking? X

Him: Well im trying to put [girlfriends_name_edited] off coming over so ill let u know 2m. Maybe a drink and..... Whatever u like? X

Her: A drink and whatever I like........ sounds so good! X

Him: Cool x

Looks like he might be back soon...

Mistress just forarded me this...

Her: Yes shame, coffee would have been good (?). Lovely to hear from you tho'. Hope u had a fab time away. X How are things generally ? X

Him: Yeah that would av been nice. Things are good thanks. Still job hunting x hows things with u? Wot u been up to? Still gorgeous? X

Her: Things are good..... Just busy with everyday stuff. Ha, am I still gorgeous? U'll have to tell me....when u see me :-) x

Him: Ok, that sounds fair. How about sometime next week? X

Her: Yes, that would be fab! What day were u thinking?X

Him: Not sure. Prob tuesday or thursday? Wot u up to this weekend? X

Her: No weekend plans at the moment. Have my dad visiting at the mo so will be doing stuff with him in the day . However, no evening plans... What are u up to? X

Him: Not sure yet. Nothin planned. Shall i let u know nearer the time? X

Her: Yup, let me know.... would love to c u . It's been far too long don't u think ? X

Him: Yes I do x

July 6th

Looking back I see it is July 6th since David and Mistress last fucked - that's the best part of 3 months - a fair while.

No wonder Her arse hole is tight when I lick it now - it is a while since he loostend it with his cock.

Is he back?

Mistress has not heard from David since his last episode, blogged below, so has not had sex with him for quite some time.

Last night in bed, She mentioned to me that She doesn't think She'll hear from him again - but hey presto - he's just texted her.

I've not pushed Her - Hey! I listen to my polsters - to contact him - though when She had me finger Her a few days ago and asked what I was thinking I did confess my thoughts were of Her shagging him - but that's not me encouraging Her is it?

I wonder what he's up to this time...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Interesting poll

I am fascinated by the poll results.

I wonder why they lean that way?

Is it because you don't approve of cuckolding, or because you don't want me pushing Her?