Monday, June 25, 2012

Pounding, Kissing and licking

She is with him now. He will be pounding Her every orifice.

She told me that he hurts Her when he fucks Her, because he fucks Her so hard – in Her pussy, Her mouth or Her arse. Even Her pussy hurts and the strength of his thrusting. Yet She goes back…

When She gets in She will kiss me. She loves to kiss me when Her mouth is fresh from another cock – especially if he came in Her mouth.

I shall offer to lick Her pussy and Her arse – in case he came in there. He never licks Her pussy or Her arse.

If she let’s me I shall lick them tenderly.

Her submissive husband

At a recent date Torremolinos asked Mistress if I fucked around. She said ‘no’ and he asked Her how She knows.

He was naked at the time and She was playing with and sucking his cock. As she played, sucked and wanked him She told him I am Her submissive, and that I know where She is right now and what She is doing.

She told him that I only have sex with Her on Her terms, and that I don’t get Her arse, and She doesn’t suck my cock.

Apparently he became extra hard in Her hands as She told him this. Later he caned Her thoroughly so as to send Her back to me marked.

Next date he asked Her if I’d seen the marking, and She confirmed had, and had kissed Her there.

Mistress said She would like to get him round here so I can see how hard he fucks Her. We shall see.

Wooden spoon

Mistress has ended it with Dave. He kept promising fuck me dates and never came through. Torremolinos on the other hand has gone quite the other way…

For a recent date he purchased a wooden spoon from John Lewis, solely for the purpose of caning Her with it. He absolutely brutalised Her arse, and sent Her home black and blue.

He lives with his 24 year old cousin and he gave Her to him! Marched Her into his room but naked and told Her to take his cock out and such it, and to fuck him. That day both he and his cousin had Her in all three holes.

He even left the room so his cousin could have his own way with Her. He explained to both of them how he had tested the spoon in John Lewis, to ensure it would have sufficient impact, and demonstrated to them how he’d tested it against the palm of his hand!

The next date She went back for, a week or so later, he had another friend there and he gave Her to him too! He too made use of all three holes!

Her arse has become so loose due to use, my tongue fits right up it.

None of them use lubricant with Her arse – he will not allow it - he literally refused Her to use it. The guys he gives Her to have to use condoms, he does not.

She has just gone round there now for a date. 1:30 pm on a Monday. He wanted Her in the flat with just themselves there, no cousin about.

My prediction is this: He has been shopping again and bought some bondage gear. He is going to tie Her up so She is completely helpless, and then brutalise Her. I may be wrong. We shall see.

Monday, June 04, 2012


Mistress and Torremolinos have agreed that they don't fuck around and so don't need to use a condom any more. Last time she went there he fucked all three holes, her mouth, her pussy and her arse multiple times without a condom. He had cut a stick ready for her arrival, and caned her thoroughly with it. I kissed the stripes on her arse when she got in.