Friday, April 30, 2010

Coffee time

It’s 4 o’clock now – coffee time. Mistress told me they were going to sneak out the office and go across the road for a coffee.

She said She was not going to tell anyone where She was going- just get up, go and be back 30 minutes later.

I said someone in the office is going to notice, or spot them – they’ll never get away with it – both simply absent for 30 minutes from an open plan office. People aren’t stupid. But that’s what She’s doing.

I don’t mind if people do find out – I don’t mind Her colleagues knowing I’m a cuckold, if that’s what they think. I would never tell them myself, but if it gives Her pleasure then fine.

So the two of them will be sat opposite each other in the coffee shop, smiling, flirting, and giving each other their individual attention. Mistress is wearing a skin tight, white body suit (‘Does it show off my body nicely?’ She asked this morning before She settled on the garment) and tight, brown jeans. Looking hot.

He’ll be checking out Her body, playing Her like a fish, biding his time before he finally strikes and gets to bed Her. She’ll be remembering grabbing his hard cock as they canoodled in the pub. Smiling at him. He’ll get hard. She’ll get wet. Sounds like a good coffee. Going on right now.

Tattoo sex

Yesterday as we were laying together watching telly after dinner my cock got hard. It usually does at this time…

I was thinking about fucking Mistress – having a big, marathon, David type sex session, with plenty of Her sucking and touching me, me eating Her, a mix of stiff vegetables, some anal sex, and about 2 – 3 hours of time.

Mistress has a terrible cold, so I knew it was not likely to materialise that night – the cold was the ideal excuse not to try it on with Her. But I promised myself that when She was better, I would go for it, treat myself.

Later in bed as we cuddled I said to Her that I was feeling very sexually submissive, and She asked why. I explained that I was dreaming of having ‘Tattoo sex’ as we call it – we call it this because when I fuck Her doggy style I get to see the Tattoo on her lower back.

But, I explained to Her that I just couldn’t bring myself to try it. She asked why, and I said I just don’t know – I just feel too sexually submissive towards Her to ask for it or try it. As I pointed out to Her, we’ve not actually done this even once in the 7 years we’ve been living a FemDom life together – its’ not likely to start now – that was the very reason why I first encouraged Her to find a ‘real’ lover that would fuck Her properly, as I no longer did. She agreed.

I wonder why She asks me why I can’t just go ahead and do it? Is it because She wants me to do it? Or is it because this turns Her on and She wants to understand my submission better? Relish it? Wallow in it?

In fact, I have only seen Her tattoo once while fucking, in all the years I’ve fucked Her.

I asked Her if I could touch Her pussy (I literally say: ‘Please can I touch Your pussy’) and She gave Her permission. It was wet from our conversation, and soon I was spooning into Her, giving Her a long (minutes, not hours, but long for me!) fucking from behind.

She moaned more than She usually does while we screwed, and I was glad She was clearly enjoying it. I thrust deep into Her, imagining what She would be doing if She were fucking David (or perhaps Dave?) properly. Was She thinking of one of them while She fucked me?

She must be good and ripe for a session with David – She’s not had a good, blow-away-the cobwebs 3 hour fuck for months now. I wonder if Dave will give Her one. The two of them are going out for a coffee some time today.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kind reply

So she saw my message eventually.

Maybe She was just busy before - but you can see how my mind is working....


How many online flirtations does a woman need at any one time?

Mistress has a terrible cold today – She should really be in bed, but is very busy and conscientious so She’s gone in to work.

So to cheer Her up I sent Her a text message: “Hi Sexy. Hard luck about your cold. Have a good day and get better soon”. I sent it about 2 hours ago. I’ve not had a reply.

But this morning as we got ready, She was telling me about how Dave had some hot, scandalous gossip for Her about some office relationship, She gave me a few details. It was too much for him to rush through, and they would have to get together for lunch to really discuss it properly.

But they looked at their diaries, and can’t do lunch for a couple of weeks – and that’s far too long to wait, so they’ll have to squeeze in a coffee instead – perhaps at 4 o’clock (just before She goes to pick the kids from school) some time sooner.

So I ask Her, how did they manage to discuss all this in the office – She replies they chatted on Instant Messenger.

Must have exchanged quite a few messages to achieve all that on IM.

This is exactly what happened when She was fucking David more often – She had much less time and inclination for trivia with me. I’d find out later than even though She’d not replied to my text messages (‘too busy’) She’d had time to text him.

I am sure Mistress loves me consistently, but I think She only needs one Alpha male in Her life – to flirt with, think about and IM with – and right now that’s Dave not me.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how it unfolds once they start screwing….

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yesterday Mistress was working in London again, so not sat opposite her new ‘interest’ in the office as usual.

Through the day I did wonder once or twice whether or not they would make contact. I can see the excitement that contact with him give Her, and I’m sure he feels the same way.

So it came as no surprise to me when She mentioned in the evening that he had texted her about some trivia. He’d sent Her ‘a message’ was the way She put it to me – but when She went on to describe it, it turns out that actually they exchanged at least 4 if not more messages.

So my question as was answered. They did establish contact. I reckon they will do so most days from now on, but we shall see.

Today She is in the office, so they are together, in the same room, eying each other up surreptitiously…

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well, they met and had their coffee – circled each other cautiously to make sure no one was upset; neither was, flirted lightly to see if there was any prospect of moving forward; there was, and spoke normally to make sure they could still work together; they can. So all is well as She goes back to work.

She’s mentioned him twice this morning already… She was like this when She first met David – couldn’t get Her mind off him. Interesting to see how it unfolds.

Monday, April 26, 2010

All work & no play...

Hitherto Mistress has always carried Her personal iPhone with Her wherever She goes, leaving Her work provided Blackberry at home. But Dave texts Her on Her Blackberry. So since She’s meeting him today, She’s carrying it, even though its Her day off.

Will She ever leave the Blackberry at home again?


Monday is Mistress’ day off, and She’s just popping into town after a gym work out. The minute She stepped into the room from the shower I thought ‘wow!’ She looks like She’s going on a date! Long silver earlings, figure hugging boddy and jeans, and silver shoes. But no, She said, just taking the girls swimming.

She then remminds me that She expects me to live by the rules (published in an earlier blog entry here), to which I of course agree...

20 minutes later She lets on that Dave’s been in touch to say what a great time he had – got a little drunk, but loved it. She replied the same, and said to me She’s thinking of asking him to meet up for a coffee…

20 minutes later She’s invited him to meet up for a coffee, and the outfit is now fully explained!

I wonder if he’ll make it?

Update: As I write this post he's already replied. "Yes! Meet you there!" So the first day back at work (or not, even) and things move forward apace.


Well, She eventually got home at 5 minutes to midnight, more than a little tipsy, and having had a wonderful time.

Apparently they spent the whole time in two pubs, drinking a couple of bottles of wine, chatting and flirting.

He kissed her (‘snogged’ was the word She used) and She kissed him back, holding and rubbing his hard (‘very hard’) cock through his trousers. They then spent the rest of the time with Her stood between his legs with his hand up her front feeling her flat abs and belly button piercing, while they talked about sex… Apparently he did not put his hands into Her pants or touch Her pussy.

But that does put paid to the ‘just friends and colleagues’ side of things once and for all.

While she told me all about it I got hard, and She wanked and sucked me off as we spoke before going to bed.

I think its safe to say that its just a matter of time before he puts it in Her. They’ve agreed to arrange another ‘away day’ as soon as possible. I reckon, now that he’s snogged and touched Her up, next time he’s going to go for a venue with a bed in it.

I’ve been a little nervous since, but She’s been very loving. I am resolved, or resolving, to ‘just enjoy it for what it is’ as She says.

Friday, April 23, 2010


She was supposed to get the 6 o’clock train, and be back in time to put the kids to bed at 8.

But at 6:30 She texted to say She’s still in the pub and won’t be getting the 6 o’clock. She called at 8:45 to say goodnight to the kids. Called from the pub.

She’s just got on the 10:35 train, arriving home at midnight. She’s been in the pub (?) with him since 2. That’s a good 8 hour session just the two of them, and Her looking so good.

Not very good for me…

It'll be good to have Her back though.

I'm going to offer to eat Her pussy. See if there is any of his cum in it... I wonder if She'll let me go down on Her...

Jealousy & insecurity

Mistress just called from London. The course has broken for lunch. Then she’ll be skiving off to go to the pub with Dave. Dressed sexy and in the mood for fun. Great way to spend the afternoon.

Why aren’t I more jealous? If She were screwing him yet, or meeting David, then I would be jealous. I’d be wondering why She doesn’t spend the afternoon drinking with me. Why She’d rather drink with him.

I know what She’d say – that I’m the lucky one – She spends every evening drinking wine with me, and then cuddling, sleeping and fucking together. All that Dave’s getting is an afternoon in the pub, and She enjoys his company…

It’s interesting that this time I’m not feeling jealous. Might be because I’m so busy at work right now.

City date

Mistress has gone to London for a course today. Coincidentally, the Dave that she works and flirts with is working in London today.

So they’ve arrange to take the afternoon off and spend the time in a pub drinking on office time! She is quite excited about it, and She tells me that he’s really looking forward to it too.

She dressed in these gorgeous, tight black knee length trousers that make Her arse look WICKED, and a lovely leopard print, sleeveless top that shows her toned arms and large cleavage, with a new bra with a ribbon in the middle, visible inside her cleavage. Dave is going to enjoy his time in the bar!

She’s been really horny ever since David was back in touch. She had me eat Her to orgasm last night, and then we fucked, and this morning I thought I really should lick Her arse and send Her off to see Dave with Her hole tingling from my tongue, which She let me do.

I told Her that Dave must be thinking “motel or hotel”. She denies this. She’s either naive, or kidding Herself.

Anyway, we’ll find out later, when She gets home after Her day out.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Walking the dog

Sorry I went so quiet! Life has been so busy, trying to earn a crust to make Her happy...

David's been in touch again after 3 months silence! She was delighted.

Rode my bike through the park today to go to a meeting. There is something sooo kinky about a sexy woman walking a big male dog on a leash and muzzle. Sometimes even castrated. Now that's female domination. Damn!