Thursday, July 11, 2013

With Her new lover now

She is with Her new lover right now.

He came round at 10am with a bottle of Bucks Fizz. She's set the cushions up on the bench outside - not the armchairs - so that they would sit together.

The weather is lovely, so She's dressed in the sexy little outfit here - She sent me the picture before he arrived.

She's hoping he will be the first other man to fuck Her in our bed - where She said She hopes to suck his cock, and to tell him that She doesn't suck my cock...

He divorced his wife two years ago, and says he's not looking for love - so he could turn out to be the ideal boyfriend. Apparently he's good looking, and last time they were together he played with Her and made Her cum three times!

If he asks about me, She said She'd tell him I am Her submissive, and She calls all the shots in our loving female lead relationship.

I wonder what they are up to now!

We had this incredibly hot conversation - after She tells him I'm Her submissive, if He asks if She ever punishes me, She'll be honest and say no, but She used to. She hopes he will tell her that She should start to do so again, and perhaps even join Her in caning me to ensure I am punished hard enough. Ahhnnnng!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013


I do wish that Mistress would 'do' something of a sexual nature 'to' me that is purely and selfishly for Her pleasure, probably something I do not enjoy, but something she repeats from time to time, makes me request, and makes me thank Her afterwards.

That would be perfect.

I think the reason I wish for this is because I would know She is doing it purely for Her pleasure and because She can - not for my pleasure.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

How are you all?

How is everyone?

We are fine. Been too busy to post!

Torremolinos is back from his Xmas break, so is due to give Her a ramming this Friday. Appart from that all is quiet.

Oh, in December She took me to visit Torremolinos. He opened Her arse right up, and then invited me to use it - he had made it wider than Her pussy! I used it happily and came in there for the fist time in years. It's rather confused our relationship!