Friday, December 31, 2010

Naked in his arms

She is naked in his arms right now. How do I know? Because She left here 45 minutes ago with nothing on other than a coat and sexy undies.

Has he cum yet? Has he eaten Her? Has She knelt at his feet and sucked his cock? Has he put his finger up Her arse and fucked Her?

Last night She made me wank myself to orgasm.

Naked date

Mistress is about to go into the office to meet him - they will be the only two in the building. She is going to sexy undies under a coat - Her idea, not mine. No other clothes. He is going to get the surprise of his life when he finds Her naked under that coat.

Her hope is that they will get to enact all their fantasies about fucking on and sucking under his desk. Looks like they will too...

Could be a happy new year for him...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A letter about blowjobs

Mistress noticed that I have struggled to accept the fact that She gives Dave regular blowjobs, and no longer gives me any, so She asked me to write Her a letter confirming my understanding. This is that letter.

Dear Mistress

Blow jobs

Thank You for giving me the opportunity to write to You to explain and confirm my understanding on blowjobs.

For years now I have appreciated and understood that I am not a real man and I do not deserve blowjobs from You, and You have kindly agreed and accepted to give me fewer and fewer blowjobs.

We agreed this because it would be too demeaning for You to give me blowjobs, and because it would be too dominant for me to accept blowjobs from You.

Because we both know You enjoy giving blowjobs, we agreed that You would find a real man who You could give blowjobs to, and fortunately You have succeeded in doing that.
So now and in the future You do not need to worry or think about giving me blowjobs, that I do not deserve anyway, and instead You can focus on the pleasure you get and give from giving blowjobs to Your boyfriend.

I am sure that You give him great blowjobs and that he really enjoys the blowjobs You give him, and that both of You are happy with and benefit from this relationship.

Now that You have found someone to enjoy this sexual act with, there is of course no need to give further thought or consideration to giving me a blowjob ever again because we are both agreed it would be wrong for You to do so.

Yours sincerely

sub hubbie

Friday, December 24, 2010

Pussy or porridge?

This morning I woke up horny. No change their. Couldn’t go back to sleep. At 6am I decided to go down and lick Mistress’ arse. This was a bit risky, as She hadn’t told me to, but I know She loves it, so I took the risk.

Turning myself round in the bed I pushed my face into her lovely, soft arse, and stuck my tongue in. I licked and rubbed, and arse fucked Her with my tongue.

After a while I turned myself back up and cuddled Her again. I decide to be braver, and touched Her pussy, just a bit, in case She gave me any encouragement. She didn’t. She told me I did not deserver Her pussy, and to wank into a cup and drink my spoof.

I figured that was better than nothing – at least I get to wank. As I wanked, I asked if I could cum on Her, and lick it all up, but She said no, to cum in the cup and drink it, so I did.

After a short cuddle I then came down to start work.

An hour later She buzzed down for tea, and I took this up with Her Crackberry – I could see She had an unread message, and Dave was obviously in touch. I left Her with the crack and a cup of tea, and came back down to work.

After a few minutes I got to wondering if they two of them were having BBM sex. If they were, then I could go up and eat Her to orgasm while She had BBM sex with him – She likes that.

I drafted a text up to Her. “Is Your boyfriend having BBM sex with You? Would You like me to come and eat You while you chat to him?”

But I didn’t send the message, because She told me I should not approach Her with the offer of or a request for sex. So instead I sent Her the following text: “Can I do anything to please You Mistress?”

“Yes,” She replied, “Make me porridge please.”

So I did make Her porridge, and when I took it up the two of them were furiously texting away having BBM sex. But She didn’t want me to eat Her – or She’d have told me to go down. I guess my wank was my morning credit.

The staircase

When Mistress got home yesterday, all excited from Her date, I asked, and She kindly told me, more details about exactly how they ended up playing with each other.

The pub was very busy at lunch time, so they could not kiss and play in their. On the way out he went downstairs to the toilets. She waited for him, and then noticed that the stairwell down to the toilets was a quiet spot they could have a snog in, so She decided to walk down there and wait for him to come out.

As She stepped down the stairs he came out down below, saw Her heading down, and immediately knew what She had in mind, so stepped aside to give Her room.

She got down there and they came into each others arms for a kiss. As they kissed he reached under Her dress, pulled Her pants to one side and played with Her cunt, slipping his finger in up to the knuckle. They kissed and groped for some time.

She played with his hard cock through his trousers, not getting it out.

Apparently he knows that he has licence to, and is indeed welcome, to play with Her cunt like this any time he wants.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Morning Glory

This flower is called a morning glory! What a coincidence, it looks just like the entrance to Her pussy or arse that I lick each morning! What a great coincidence!

Mistress is off work this week, and not back in the office (to work!) until after the new year. So we’ve been over indulging in red wine and late nights, and having a good time with the kids.

This morning as we lay together I asked if there was any way I could please Her, and She asked me to go down and eat Her pussy, which I gladly did, to a wonderful orgasm.

As I ate Her I could tell She was going to cum, and wondered whether She would get me to screw Her afterwards – She is very different from me, and more often than not chooses to follow on from an orgasm rather than stopping, but for some reason I had in mind that She would let me up, and tell me She’d decide I was not to cum, but would have ten strokes of the cane instead…

She didn’t. She came, pulled me up, reached for Her vibrator and took me deep into Her for a glorious fuck while She used the vibrator. I was privileged to cum deep in Her.

Christmas lunch…

When we got up She got ready for Her lunch time date – a long standing appointment planned with Dave a week or two ago.

On went Her crotchless tights, high heels, short, knitted dress and thigh high, 5 inch stiletto boots – She looked great, and naughty!

The two of them met in a pub and had lunch. While they were at it an old colleague of mine walked in, but didn’t see them – so they resolved not to snog at the dining room table!

On the way out She noticed that the toilets were down a quite staircase, so She took him down there for a snog, and he got to finger Her cunt while they kissed – so the crotchless tights did the right job.

They are trying to arrange another liaison for the Christmas period – perhaps new year’s eve – an idea that does little to give me joy!

Morning sex

I can’t help wondering if She milked me this morning to make me more docile for Her date today, or because She was feeling horny because of Her date – or just because She wanted to fuck me. Do I need a reason? Not really!

Friday, December 17, 2010

They're out now

Midnight and they're out together now. Tiny dress, crotchless tights. She told me She wants him to fuck Her up against a tree. Maybe he's doing that now. She'll be back sometime between 2:00 and 5:00. I can't wait up all that time. I'm sat here watching porn - men doing the sort of stuff to women that She wants him to do to Her, and won't let me do to Her.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

More sex

This morning I was still depressed from the banana episode. She could tell I was sad, and asked what the matter was, so I decided to come out with it, and speak to Mistress about it.

I said to Her that I was sad because She no longer enjoyed having sex with me. She was furious, and recounted all the sex we have had in recent days – pretty much every day this week – but one of the episode She counted as sex was when She made me kneel in front of Her and wank while She used a vibrator and told me my wimp cock did not deserve to go where Her alpha male boyfriend put his. She made me cum in a pot and then drink my cum.

I guess that strictly speaking that could be called having sex, but its not quite the same as using a banana on Her and then fucking.

We went to our desks and went to work, when She sent me the following text:

The way I see it, you are my sub and you get sex when I say you get sex. You should be grateful for whatever sex I offer you.

I told you you will be punished for asking for sex.

Did I not tell you to ask me how you can please me? You haven't asked me even once! That's what I mean about not always being a good sub. You have to give too, not just expect to get.

I would have loved you to ask me like I told you to, how you could please me. It would have excited me and most prob lead to some great sub/dom sex. Xx instead of that I've had you miserable and mopping. Not the exact setting for sex is it? Xx

I replied:-

I am so sorry You think this is something to fight and be sad about, instead of something to share, learn from and move forward.

I see it the same way you do. I am Your sub and get sex if, when and how You decide, and am grateful for it if and when I get it.

I don't understand why You text me asking if You told me I would be punished if I ask for sex. We both know You said this so why are You asking me the question? I don't understand. You told me not to ask for sex and I've not asked.

You never said that offering to please You was an alternative way of me asking for sex. In fact You said the opposite - that pleasing You might be making tea for You, so I do not understand why You mention that in this conversation. Please explain what I have missed.

I cannot recall any opportunity I have had to offer to please You. You obviously feel I have missed some opportunities. I will try harder to offer to please You, but if You feel I ever miss an opportunity to please You then please point it out to me. Xx

She then replied:

You have missed a lot of opportunities. Yesterday when I came home and was on my blackberry, all evening when we were watching tv, this morning, last night! Opportunities are there all the time. Asking to please me could include sex and indeed anything else. It is not for you to think and decide what those things might be. You are just to ask, wait and be grateful that you are privileged enough to be the one to serve me & please me! Xx

At that point I needed a cup of tea and went to put the kettle on. Rather than offer Her tea I asked if there was any way I could please Her. She said Yes, picked up Her crack and started to message Her boyfriend while I ate Her pussy.

Half way through She told me to put my cock in Her which I gladly did. As I fucked Her She told me that he said he was going to make Her suck his suck his cock this evening and make him cum in Her mouth. She told me that She would do whatever he said he wanted, but that as Her wimp husband I was not allowed to ask for anything, and was lucky to even be allowed to fuck her.

Needless to say I soon came deep in Her, whereupon She told me to eat Her clean.

She is about to get home now to change, ready to go out with him. It’s going to be a long night tonight!

I guess this story has two morals:-

"Be careful what you ask for", and "It's good to talk"

This banana

I make porridge for breakfast every morning. We have it with a banana cut up into it, and a sprinkle of mixed nuts.

Mistress bought a bunch of bananas recently that included this monster. I took one look at it and you can imagine what crossed my mind – it is in fact exactly the same size and shape as my cock.

Years ago, before the FemDom, I’d have it up Her there and then. This time I approached it more cautiously, holding it up to Her and commenting that it looked like a cock.

‘Huh!’, She exclaimed, ‘Your not bringing it anywhere near me. In fact, if it goes anywhere, it will go up your arse. Do you want it up your arse?’

I declined Her offer, saddened if I am honest. This banana would really fit up Her pussy a treat. But She won’t let me do that sort of thing to Her any more.

I am sure that if Dave suggested he wanted to put it there, She would welcome it. The thought made me quite blue, and I was a little depressed for some time after.

Since the FemDom took over Mistress will not allow me to do anything as alpha male as use vegetables on Her. She won’t suck my cock, She rarely touches me, and more recently has taken to making me wank and drink my own spoof after I have cum as Her preferred method of me cumming.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Graphic relationship

On the whole Mistress and I have enjoyed our close, loving relationship in recent times. But as I discussed in my recent ‘box of chocolates’ update, there have been challenges.

These are caused by my jealousy of Her intimate relationship with Dave. She can see my jealousy – I withdraw from her when I feel it, as I feel betrayed by Her, so She knows about it.

Afterwards I always apologise to Her, and She acknowledges that it is the least She deserves, and She knows She is hurting me with it, but still carries on doing it. She said She felt She should end it with him.

My response to this is always the same – if She chooses to end it, then I will support Her decision 100% and be very happy with it, but I am not going to ask Her to end it.

A few days ago we were sat quietly discussing it and She agin said She should end it because it hurts me too much.

I asked Her what She thought I wanted, and She said I ‘obviously’ wanted Her to end it, even though I wouldn’t ask Her to.

We’ve had this discussion so many time. I thought that it might help if I drew Her this graph. Apologies, but I’m in IT, and I like my whiteboard!

The X-axis is the degree of ‘Dave’ in Her life.

The Y-axis is the degree of FemDom in our relationship.

The ideal direction of our life together is the line ‘A’. She gets more sexual satisfaction from Her alpha male, and I get more submission to my loving Mistress.

But, and there is a but….

The more Dave She has the more sensitive or jealous I get. The more jealous I get the less confident and dominant She becomes. The less confident and dominant She becomes, the more I feel Her only interest is in Dave, and not in the FemDom and I’m being taken for a ride – obviously the graph moves down the line ‘B’.

I said to Her quite unequivocally that I do not want to live on or below the X-axis. Anything in the red area was not for me, and if we could not live in the green zone, then I wanted Her to end it with him, and live a vanilla life together – which I would be very happy to do, as I love Her very much.

But my preference, my choice, was to live in the green zone, on or above line ‘A’.

What did She want?

She said She wants the green zone – 100%.

So we agreed, and we are clear, we choose together to live in the green zone.

And She has really started to do that! My goodness! But that story is for my next update!

Working Late

Mistress is working late today, and leaving straight for 6:00pm Pilates from the office.

These are traditionally the times when She and Dave have a quiet office in which they can go off and play together.

I know he's in the office as well today. I wonder if they are up to it now.

I want to know, but I don't want to ask. I am allowed to ask, but I don't want to. But I want to know.

If I kneel and beg for Her Crackberry when She gets home, then I will read about the liaison plans in there - because they arrange everything by BBM, but I am trying to wean myself off asking for the Crack every day.

Yesterday I asked for it, and when reading it referred to it as 'crack'. I am to be punished for doing so - She wants it dignified as 'Blackberry' or 'BBM', not 'crack'.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is there any way I can please You, Mistress?

Mistress came up with a new rule yesterday. I am not allowed to ask for or offer any sexual services or advances whatsoever, ever. This includes offering to lick Her arse or Her pussy in the morning.

Instead I am to ask ‘Is there anything I can do to please You, Mistress’, and She will respond accordingly.

If She wants tea, She will ask for tea. If She wants me to lick Her arse or pussy, She will tell me. If She wants sex, She will tell me.

Wow! How exciting. What have I let myself in for?

I'll let you know how it goes...

Monday, December 13, 2010

What am I doing?

We have been having interesting times.  Mistress and Dave have had their liaisons, I have had my jealous spats and we have had our discussions and agreements.

This morning I sent Her this text:-

I don't have the answers but these are my thoughts, darling. Im sure I've already said this to you before...

The answer to my [jealousy] problems is in my or our acceptance of two things.

That it is he that is Your boyfriend, and not me. He is the first one that You like to flirt with, give blowjobs to, dress sexy for and kiss, not me.

That I am your much loved, cuckold, submissive husband, and not Your boyfriend. I am there to love, cuddle and support you. To honour, serve, and submit to You. I am not there for You to kiss, flirt with, text, give blowjobs to or dress sexy for. I am there to support You in all things, including Your intimate, sexual relationship with Your boyfriend (as long as You choose to pursue him).

When I fail to accept my cuckold submissive role, and his intimate boyfriend role, then I fail as your submissive and I do wrong.

Later we discussed what we want to do. She believed I wanted Her to leave Dave and be faithful to me. 

I plotted out my view of events - of course quite the opposite to the above.

How can two people misunderstand each other so much?  Thank goodness for communication!  

We communicated. We agreed a course of action where She continues to see him, and I support Her in loving, cuckold, submissive capacity. 

In future when I want to read Her BBM (I am not allowed to call it 'crack') I am to kneel and ask for it, including a statement that I will not get jealous of him because 'he is a real man and I am not, so he gets sexual attention that I do not deserve'. How She dreams up these humiliations I do not know. It is the most humiliating act to ask to read it, but of course I love Her all the more for it. 

I said to her afterwards. I love Her dearly. I want Her socially, as a friend and sexually. I do not want to push Her away to another man. 

She accepted all these things and agreed we are both clear on them. He does not replace me. I am me. Loved, submissive, cuckold husband. Just what She wants. He is sexy, intimate boyfriend. Just what She wants. So She is happy, so we are happy. 

Friday, December 03, 2010

Life's not just a box of chocolates...

Rene and m have commented regarding my cuckold angst, and I’d like to explore that a little more.

Being a submissive cuckold is painful. No doubt about that. But it is also extremely exciting. I think its like a drug – it’s addictive, and its got highs and its got lows.

I would not encourage anyone to get into it – because I don’t think everyone and every relationship can stand the pain.

Here’s a small example of where we were recently.

On the Monday before Mistress was due to go on Her date, I was a little tense and we had a bit of an argument. Sadly this happens when the cuckold angst takes hold of me.

We made up before sleeping. The next day we exchanged these messages:-

Hi sweets . I am really, really sorry for when I appear to being horrible. I do not mean to at all. I love you very much and you mean the world to me. XXX. Like I always remind you, it's you and only you I love. Xx

Thank You for letting me fuck You yesterday. I love You too. XXX

I love you fucking me. I love knowing you are hot for me xx

I am thinking about You so much today. I am so sad I cannot be the perfect sub to You and keep throwing up issues. I just want to cuck fuck You (or lick Your arse since my cock is not hard) all day for the rest of my life until the problem goes away. XX

I'm not sure that will make the problem go away. Sorry it makes you sad. Making you sad was never the idea. What am I doing? I must really be a horrible person to make you soooo sad just so that can have fun. I just wish you were having fun too. I've been thinking about it too and the reality is that it makes you very very sad and unhappy. Xx And I need to sort it out as it is very unfair and cruel of me to do what I am doing to you.

Interesting. So how are You anticipating "sorting it out"? Xx

I don't know. The obvious thing is to stop seeing him. Xx

Yeah right! I can see that happening this afternoon! Xx

Is that what you would want me to do? Xx

It probably wouldn't be my first choice course of action, but if You chose to do it I wouldn't try to stop You.

Wouldn't be my first choice either xx

After this exchange I thought and thought. What do I really want? And it was then that I wrote my story (published in the ‘Commuter Train’ post below).

I didn’t dare write it as a message to Her – so I wrote it as a story – which I later shared with Her, and She enjoyed reading, and has already started to apply – for example by making me wank myself when She got back from sucking Dave’s cock on Her date.

She is the Perfect Wife. She does these things for me. She accepted my submission at my request. She found another boyfriend, an alpha male to satisfy Her at my request after I stopped satisifying Her...

This journey is difficult. But we take it together, and we both want to take it together. Sp today I sent Her this message:

When I struggle with stuff and I query what You do, You say that You are a lousy Mistress and not good enough at domming me. In fact the opposite is of course the case - it is I that is a lousy sub - I should not be questioning anything You do, I should happily support any decision You make. Since it takes two to tango, and we must succeed together, what we should say is this: how do You (Mistress) want me to be in any one respect, and what can we both do to ensure I know my place and happily accept it? If You have failed in any way at all then that failure can only be in communicating what You expect of me, and getting me to happily accept it. Nothing else You do can be wrong, because You decide everything. Xx


I handed Mistress my lines. She was most amused, and obviously enjoyed the whole exercise.

I felt like a right plonker having to write them!

Now I just have to learn to apply them!

I exist to serve my Mistress

I accept that you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs (referring to Her ‘inevitable’ intimacy with Dave that I have struggled to accept)

I accept the decisions my Mistress makes regarding our relationships.

Snowed in

We’ve been snowed in for a couple of days so we’ve been working from home. I can’t get enough of my darling Wife, so that’s good for me. I think it’s driving Her nuts though!

It’s interesting being in the same room as Her when She’s cracking him all the time.

This morning Dave texted Her from the office. I could see it right away – She was desperate to go and join him! To give Her credit it was not until 12 noon that She finally admitted it, and got ready to leave – so now She’s gone to the office.

To be fare to Her there are a few people in the office and they are all going to pub at lunch time – and She wanted to join them – and see him.

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Last night was a nightmare. And it continues!

When their train got in they took off in his car to a discrete spot where Mistress gave him another blowjob, then She eventually came home.

She told me very little about the date just the bare facts – She played with his cock in the train on the way there, in the pub in the afternoon (where he came) in the train on the way back and gave him the blowjob in his car – so he came twice.

He played with Her pussy lots as well, and ate Her out in the car.

I asked for more details but She said I should be grateful for what She has shared with me.

Then She would not touch my cock at all – She made me wank myself off in front of her while She told me She was not going to engage with my wimpy cock when She had Her alpha male to play with.

This morning I woke up with a hard on, and She told me to eat Her arse and then go and make tea – She didn’t touch my cock at all – I literally cannot remember when She last touched it.

They’ve been cracking all morning about what a great time they had yesterday.

She seems to have decided to make the fantasy reality. Jeez.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Physically exhausting

It is physically exhausting waiting for Her to come home. There is no longer any sexual tension in me, just sheer, physical exhaustion.

She texted to say they were catching the 6:23 in ‘about’ 8pm. At 10 past 8 I had to text Her to ask how She was doing. She replied they were delayed in an outlying town, not sure of their ETA.

She went on to say they will dismount at his local station, and he will drop Her home (Him, driving here when I’m in the house??), She will call us from the local station.

I asked why call from the station? You’ll be here in minutes. ‘Not necessarily,’ she replied, ‘I’ll call you from the station.’ Ah! I see now. They are going to dilly dally on the way. He’s going to finger Her, She’s going to suck him, he will cum in Her mouth. That might take 5 minutes or 5 hours.

I was resigned to Her returning at 8. Now She could be back any time. Not satisfied that they have been together from 2pm to 9pm, they are extending their get together indefinitely. Jeez. I’m exhausted. My cock is not even twinging.

I’ve just sent Her a cheeky text asking if She’s going to invite him in for a coffee. I don’t expect a reply. Perhaps some strokes of the cane, but not a text reply!


I am to write lines today as a punishment – that’s a first. 50 times each, as follows:-

I exist to serve my Mistress.

I accept that you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.
(referring to Her ‘inevitable’ intimacy with Dave that I have struggled to accept)

I accept the decisions my Mistress makes regarding our relationships.

I better get started soon. Mistress will be back in a couple of hours…

The new punishment regime

Since I neglected to offer myself for punishment on Sunday – I should have asked Mistress if She wanted to give me the punishments I had earned – but I figured it was late and She was tired and ready for bed so did not ask – so now Mistress has changed the rules, making them extremely humiliating.

Now, rather than ask if She wants to punish me, I am to say ‘Mistress, please will You give me the punishment I have earned’ – I actually have to ask Her for it as if it is I that want it! It’s desperate! I did this last night and got 15 strokes – 5 were let off for good behaviour (I brought Her a hot water bottle without being asked).

Tonight I am due 10 for not putting my cock away when instructed this morning, and 5 for suggesting She might want to give me a blowjob – so I will have to ask her to please give me the strokes this evening at bed time – on my already cut arse – like I want them! – I am not looking forward to it!


The training course She went on is over and She is sat in a hotel sitting room by a fireplace having a cup of coffee while She waits for him to come. She is nervous, She tells me.

Kissing on the train

Mistress called me earlier and I asked if they kissed on the train. She confirmed that they did - they kissed like a pair of teenagers on a crowded commuter train....

Commuter train

Mistress rode to work in an adjoining city on the train with Dave this morning. She boarded at 06:50 and he ten minutes down the track, for a two hour journey.

Earlier we chatted as She got ready – red dress, crotchless tights, pink knickers and boots – delicious! I wanked (with Her permission) while we talked and She got dressed. Among other things I talked to Her about the fact that She hardly ever touches my cock nowadays – I just wank myself. I wondered why, while accepting that in my role as Her submissive I should not expect Her to touch my cock, but commenting that She would no doubt have his out under her scarf within minutes of boarding the train – an idea She poo-pood!

My cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum as a toyed with it.

I asked Mistress if She would like to lick the pre-cum off, and She told me not to suggest such things to Her, and to put myself down for 10 punishment strokes for suggesting such a thing.

She did not let me cum, and in due course left for Her train.

AS She left I emailed Her the following story which I have only just posted (my first submission!) on

It’s uncanny how many of the events in it have unfolded today!

“Get used to it”

I was stood in the middle of our bedroom naked, bent over at the waist. A thread was tied, pulled tight from one thumb down to my big toe. My Mistress Wife was stood next to me, cane in her hand, talking.

"I am going to give you some extra-hard, punishment strokes." She said. "You must remain where you are without moving. If you move and break the thread, then I will tie you to the bed so you cannot move, finish the set that I started, and then apply them to you all over again. So you will end up receiving double the punishment. Is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress" I replied.

"Right," She began, "To start with we need to deal with the fact that I no longer think of you as my sexual provider. You haven't fucked me properly for years and I don't know what makes you think you should start trying to do so now."

"I do not think of you sexually in that way, and I do not want to do so. I will not be doing so, and you need to get used to that."

"Now, I am going to give you 20 punishment strokes with this cane. After each stroke I want you to count it off and then say "Thank You Mistress. I do not think of myself as Your sexual provider."

"Right, let's go," She pulled back the cane for the first stroke.

20 strokes later I was whimpering gently as I stood there, bent over, my arse in complete agony.

"Right. That deals with that. Let's hope we don't have any more nonsense in that respect. Now, there are a couple more things."

"Firstly, Dave is the primary source of my sexual excitement. When I think about him, see him or get a message from him on my phone, my pussy gets wet and I think about having sex with him."

"When I feel horny I think about him and about reaching out to him, and not to you."

"As you know, I am a very sexual being. I love sex, and so I think about him in this way on and off throughout the day. You should be glad that I have him to think of in this way, since you don't fulfil my sexual needs. You should be happy, accepting, encouraging and supportive of his role as my sexual provider."

"To make this quite clear to you I am going to give you 30 punishment strokes. After each stroke I want you to count it, thank me and say "We are lucky that we have Dave as Your sexual provider Mistress, especially since I am not able to fill that role."

30 strokes later I was crying tears as I stood bent in the middle of the room.

"Good, Mistress said, "Now there is more."

"We have established that I like to think about Dave a lot of the time, that when I do so I think about having sex with him and I enjoy doing that."

"We have also established that when I see him my first thoughts are sexual. Obviously I enjoy these thoughts and I enjoy thinking about him. I enjoy being with him, talking to him and being in touch with him. This is called intimacy. It is natural between two people who enjoy an established, sexual attraction like we do, and I enjoy this intimacy with him."

"You should be glad that I am able to be intimate with him and actually enjoy intimacy with my sexual provider. He is not just a shag, he is a boyfriend that I enjoy being with."

"Now I am going to give you 20 punishment strokes. After each stroke I want you to count it, thank me, and say "We are so lucky that You enjoy Your intimacy with Dave, Mistress."


Right. One other thing. We need to clarify your sexual role. Yes! You do have a sexual role, and it is this:

You exist to give my arse oral pleasure with your mouth - to lick my arse. We both know that you enjoy licking it too and that's just lucky for you, and your privilege that you get to enjoy it.

You don't have any other sexual role. At all. Ever. You must never desire, want, suggest or even think about me in any other sexual way at all. Never.

I Iove sex with you and you must aim to serve me sexually every day. So before I send you to make me tea every morning you must offer to lick my arse. If ever you do not you will be punished.

And you must never ask for, seek or expect any other sexual pleasure with me or by yourself at all. Nothing. Ever. No wanking, fucking, blowjobs, nothing If you ever suggest you want something else you will be punished.

To make this clear I am going to give you 25 punishment strokes. After each stroke I want you to count it, thank me and say "The only sexual pleasure I deserve, Mistress, is the pleasure of licking Your arse with my tongue. I am lucky and privileged to be allowed to lick Your arse."


Next thing. My pussy, my mouth and my hands. These are all sexual organs designed to give men pleasure, but not you. You do not deserve that sort of pleasure. Dave does but you do not. You will not engage with these areas sexually, and if you do then you must be punished for it.

Sometimes I might want you to eat my pussy, fuck me, or I might even want to touch your cock and perhaps even give you a blow job. But this doesn't change the fact that if you engage sexually with my hands, pussy or mouth then you will be punished with strokes of the cane, even if I tell you to eat my pussy, you will have to pay.

So now I will give you 20 more strokes and after you've counted each one and thanked me you must say "I must never engage with You sexually Mistress, and if I do, I should always be punished for it."

Ok. Ready?


- The end -

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Mistress texted me from Her cab as She headed off to the train – “Finished the story,” She said, “Loved it.”

Later, She called after they arrived at their destination. Sure enough, he unzipped himself as they sat on that busy commuter train and She played with his cock under his jacket. And he put his hand into Her dress and played with Her pussy.

I commented on the irony of it vis-a-vis my story. She laughed, and said She loves my story and it is the truth of our relationship.