Monday, August 31, 2009

Phone sex

To Mistress’ surprise David texted Her again on Sunday morning. He was home alone. Feeling horny.

We were expecting guests, and She could not accept his invitation to join him, so they engaged in text sex while he indulged in what he called ‘serious self gratification’.

This went on for over an hour before he finally allowed himself to cum. The man does not just fuck for longer than me - he even wanks for longer than me!

He promised to build up another stock in his balls, and invite Her round as soon as possible…

Thursday, August 27, 2009


The conversation appears to have ended.

David accepted that he would like to see more of Mistress too, but ‘ I don’t want to get carried away, because I can’t have what I want’ – which is all of Her.

Her reply, that “some (or even lots!) is better than none at all” was met with a brief ‘maybe’.

And there it rests.

Mistress tells me that they’ve had this conversation before – he says he’s an ‘all or nothing’ kind of guy, and he wants all of her, which he can’t have. Apparently he’s (obviously) very happy when he’s with Her, but when She leaves he feels empty and lonely.

Emotions are some tough shit to deal with. Neither of us want him to hurt.

It’s such a shame he can’t happily have a slice of Her.

(I'm not sure: Does that make me lucky or unlucky?)

"..emotional & soppy..."

Mistress and David are exchanging texts fast and furious this morning.

After claiming he'd 'forgotten' what honesty he wanted to share with Her, he then confessed that actually he was feeling "emotional & soppy, and forgot that she was happily married..."

So I was right - he did want to say he loves Her! Needless to say She's cock-a-hoop!

She's replied that married people get emotional and soppy too, and that She'd like to see more of him in every way.

It'll be interesting to see where this gets us...My cock is rock hard at the thought of where it could end up...


Why do I encourage them? I really don't know. I hate the fact that he fucks Her better than me, but still I encourage it. She, on the other hand, will not say the words 'he fucks you better than me' - She says She does not think that so why would She say it. Her actions shout that anyway.

Whatever the reason, I don't know. But yesterday I wrote this letter to David and gave it Mistress to pass on to him:

Dear David

I am sorry that you have not been able to see more of [Mistress] in recent times.

For some years before she met you she did not get a really good flirt and fuck from me on account of my submissive nature towards her. I know that in the few meetings you have had she has really enjoyed your company, going out with you, and the sex with you.

To start with the whole thing caused me some anxiety, but she and I have discussed that a number of times and I have completely accepted my inability to deliver the sort of sexual thrills and experiences that she has enjoyed so much with you.

I do wish the two of you were able to see more of each other, so that she (and you) could enjoy more sexy and fun times together. Perhaps if you were able to do so, then you would also be able to guide and help her in her dominance of me, ensuring that she, or both of you, draw the maximum possible benefit from my submissive nature.

I am sure that she would like to see more of you, and if you feel the same way then I urge you to do so, enjoying yourselves to the maximum. If there is anything I can do to help facilitate this, anything at all, then please let me know.

Yours sincerely

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Interesting text

We went to bed early on Saturday night – about 11.00. Mistress was not tired, and I thought to myself that in the mood She was in, it would have been an ideal night for Her to go out with David for the usual all nighter they enjoy. But it didn’t happen and we were early to bed.

Next morning while making the tea I checked Mistress’ phone and saw She had a text from David, so I took Her phone up with Her tea. She read it and past it to me to see.

He had texted at 10:00pm the Saturday night - that he was on an honesty drive, and would She mind if he texted Her with his honest view on the situation?

How odd….

She replied (Sunday morning now) that yes, She would welcome his honest view – but She’s not had a reply yet – 3 days later.

She speculates that he’d had a few beers when he decided to be honest with Her, but when he didn’t get the immediate reply & assurance he was after, he never sent his missive. She reckons that without the Dutch courage in him, he won’t come out with it…

We speculate what his ‘honest view’ is. She says he wants to call their relationship off, to focus on his girlfriend. I think the opposite – he’s tried his girlfriend and she doesn’t work for him any more. He thinks of Mistress all day every day and wants to spend all his time with Her – he wants to say ‘I love you’.

I hope that’s what he says – She will be very pleased – and it could lead to a more intimate relationship – this situation where he lies low for ages (apparently trying to get over Her) is far from ideal.

Hopefully one day soon we shall find out. Obviously I’ll let you know…


Mistress wore the shirt, and went to the hairdresser that morning to have her hair cut, to what I called the 'Grace Jones' style shown here - she looks lovely in it! But I'm biased!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


A little while ago I bought Mistress this T-shirt. I had it made for her.

It confirms that She can do Whatever She wants with Whoever She wants Whenever She wants. That’s David or anyone else.

This morning in bed I cuddled up to Her with my hard dick touching Her. As I turned I placed Her hand on my cock, and She very briefly and a little reluctantly touched it before letting go.

If She were with David and his hard cock was in the vicinity She’d have gone for it voraciously. It just goes to show She does need the alternative cock – mine does not give Her all that She wants, needs and deserves.

I asked Her to please wear the shirt today and She kindly agreed. I might post a picture of Her wearing it….

Monday, August 10, 2009

Talk of Sam...

Mistress’ mum (my mother-in-law) has flown in to visit and stay for a week. All very nice.

On Saturday, her first day here, I was all over the place serving Mistress and pandering to Her needs, and She was clearly enjoying having me serve Her so in front of Her mum.

That evening while enjoying a glass of wine together, my mother in law recounted a tale of a recent party back at home, attended by some chap called Sam. She gave is all sorts of details about Sam’s lovely new Mercedes, and what a nice car it was.

What She doesn’t know is that I know that Sam was Mistress’ lover throughout Her University days. He was a rich, working, married man back that, and She his mistress… He used to spoil Her with gifts, eating out and weekends away, in exchange for which of course he got what all married men get from their mistresses – better sex than they are getting at home.

Mistress only stopped seeing him when we got married – She basically went and said ‘goodbye’ to him as the two of us wed.

Of course now our horizon has changed, and She could choose to bed him again if She wanted….

So we listened to Mother-in-law going on about Sam, and I felt quite humiliated by the whole experience.

That night in bed Mistress was as wet as a well as She played Her ‘what are you thinking’ trick on me, and I confessed to a fear that She might start screwing Sam again, and might even tell him that I am Her submissive cuck. For sure if She did, he’d be all over her….This thought clearly turned Her on and She has been a little north of kinky ever since...

Thursday, August 06, 2009

It's good to talk...

After licking Her arse and making Her a cup of tea, I spoke to Mistress in bed this morning while She drank Her tea.

I shared with Her my uncertainty regarding what She wants with regard to our FemDom relationship.

We had a really good talk about it. The upshot of which illustrates the typical spiral that occurs when a couple are not talking enough:

She felt that I was not happy in our FemDom relationship, and so She has been trying to reach out to me to build the loving foundation that is an essential pre-requisite to the FemDom.

I have seen Her holding back on the FemDom and resented/feared what that might mean.

But she is 100% clear that She wants to be the boss in a FemDom relationship. So we have agreed that She will simply assume this role, taking full charge and not pussy footing around being soft and touchy with me.

Already She is so much happier now that we have discussed it – she looked radiant as She left the house just now – She has not looked like that for a few weeks.

She called me to Her dressing room as She got ready, and confirmed that She definitely wants to be in charge in a FemDom relationship.

‘From now on…’ She started the conversation – one of you good readers has blogged on this topic – how we submissives long to hear those words!

‘From now on we will live a FemDom relationship and I will be in charge. I will set down the rules. They will be simple rules and there will only be 5 of them. I will write them down this evening and give them to you, and you will follow them”.

I am so pleased. I welcome the simplicity of submitting to Her will – I feel so lucky – and glad I talked to Her – remember guys, it is good to talk!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Try harder!

Before ritemate responds with his on-target advice(!) I should probably point out that I do know the solution to this - try harder, serve Her better, submit to Her more, and benefit from Her improved happiness.

I am now trying all those things...


I am not happy in my relationship.

We do not live a FemDom relationship. She does not Dom me. Rather, we live a male sub relationship, where I serve Her. I get no Dom back in return for my submission. Actually, I get nothing ‘back’ at all from my submission. Nothing.

Of course I can’t ask Her to Dom me – what would be the point of that? If She doesn’t want to, She doesn’t want to, and its not about me telling Her how I want or expect Her to behave. It’s about Her doing what She wants.

Trouble is, this leaves me concluding that She does not want FemDom. Evidently. No matter what She says to the contrary. Ergo, my submission is an unwanted irritant.

I’d rather not be in this relationship than be an unwanted irritant. Which leads me to conclude that I want out of this relationship. Seems a bit drastic. But the fact of the matter is I’ve changed – I’m not what She married – I’m a submissive wimp and She married a bold dominant.

And her actions, not Her words, but Her actions, show that She has no interest in or desire to pursue a FemDom relationship. So why bother? I should either desist from the FemDom charade that I live on my own, or depart in search of other shores.

I guess I should desist. But I’ve done that before – we’ve lived like that before, and it was not worth it. Neither of us was happy.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Sex object fantasy

I had a wank this morning.

David has been indisposed recently and he does not want to meet Mistresses for a month or so (reasons edited out to protect his confidentiality).

In my fantasy, She offered him the use of me during that time – pointing out to him that he does not care what I think of how he looks, and so offering him the opportunity to use me for sex while he heals.

He could see the logic of this, and accepted the offer, summoning me to his place, or coming here during the day whenever he wants to cum.

In my fantasy he uses me for blow jobs - having me swallow his cum at least once every two days - and also for anal sex - fucking me in my arse. To spin it out and enjoy it more, he also punishes (canes) and dominates me while he has me.

I spattered a big orgasm onto my chest at this thought. I’m not sure how much I would really like it to happen though!

"What are you thinking about?"

After Mistress has had me eat Her to orgasm in bed, or if She has me play with Her pussy in bed, she invariably asks what I am thinking about as I cuddle, screw (if I am lucky!) or play with Her.

I always answer truthfully, and in a positive light – designed to encourage rather than criticise or tell Her what I want Her to do. And the answer is always something to do with FemDom or David. Last night after I ate Her to orgasm She put me in Her pussy as I cuddled Her, and I truthfully answer that I was thinking how lucky I am that She chose to put me in Her, and that I was thinking that She might get bored of me screwing Her, since She has already cum, and tell me to get out and go to sleep before She cums. This turned Her on - but She didn’t do it – allowing me to cum in Her – Hmmm – wonderful!

The day before, under similar circumstance, I answer that I was thinking how lucky I was to be screwing Her, and how if She started getting more from David She would have less need for me and would instead either ignore me or tell me to wank. The next day She texted David.

She does not appear to want to overtly bully or dominate me, but clearly She is turned on by these thoughts, and so asks for them.