Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lunch date

Today She was going (has now gone) for a lunch date with the guy in Her office who’s hitting on Her.

I don’t know whether its stretching into a very long lunch (it’s 2:40 here now) but I’ve not heard from Her with an update.

She’s either still at lunch, or is not going to bother to keep me posted…

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Text jealousy

Just after 2 pm I was responding to alexander’s comment on my blog and my cock got hard. I decided to tell Mistress, and the text exchange above transpired.

I was pleased to have shared it with Her, and to have provoked such a disgusting response.

I wondered if there might be any more from her, but there was not – I figured She was busy.

But then later in the day She gets home, and recants with great delight and text flirtation She’d been having with Her ex. She passes me Her phone to read the exchange.

What do you know? It started at 2pm, and ended long after my exchange with Her ended. She told him of Her delight in dual penetration, and various sexual positions – very explicit stuff.

It turns out Her exchange with me was just a little bit on the side – an irritant really, while She had the real conversation with Her ex. A bit like sex with me – something small on the side, keeping back the real thing for major sessions with others.

Be careful what you wish for - you might get it...

But, to be positive, I am the one lucky enough to be married to Her.

Oral sexual satisfaction

I envy my Mistress. Last night as She was about to fall asleep She decided She fancied a blow job. “You better go down and eat me” She says, and I do. I go down and I do what I do – I lick, suck and finger Her and I don’t stop until She shudders to an orgasm. Then I gently lick Her clean until She tells me that’s enough.

OK – She did give me the promised blowjob last month – but that’s not quite the same thing as oral orgasms on demand whenever you want.

And after She had cum, She did let me penetrate Her. But She just lay there spoon style while I thrust away into Her. Don’t get me wrong – I am grateful She invited me to screw Her (I would not have asked if She had not) but I’d kinda rather be in Her position.

And then this morning before we get up I ask if She’d like me to lick Her arse before I get up and She says yes.

So I lick, clean, and tongue her to great pleasure before She tells me to get up.

What a lucky girl She is. And what a lucky guy I am to get to do all those things to Her. But we humans are rarely satisfied are we?