Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sorry I've been so quiet...

Been busy chasing stuff...

Little has changed. Mistress moves from boyfriend to boyfriend. They tend to last 3 months, fall in love with her, want more and leave. Her latest has been going for some time now. He always fucks her in all three holes, never cums in her pussy - always cums on her face or in her arse.

She's with him now - just drove to his place.

Before she went she had me lick her arse to loosen it up for him. I suck my tongue in as far as it would go. He's probably ramming his cock in it right now. lucky bastard.

They've been seeing each other for a good few months now. He's happily married - our kids go to the same school!

I think married people, even those as kinky as us, stop doing stuff like anal and oral sex - so the two of them love getting it together for dirty sex.

She gives him a horse whip, fruits, anything he wants or suggests to use on her. He even slaps her as he's fucking her - and she loves it - keeps going back for me.

I wrote a story about it you can read here:

If you like it, give me a 5 star vote! Not enough people have done so! I rather like it. She liked it too - since she read it she's started caning me again...

Good to see you all again.

'till next time.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

With Her new lover now

She is with Her new lover right now.

He came round at 10am with a bottle of Bucks Fizz. She's set the cushions up on the bench outside - not the armchairs - so that they would sit together.

The weather is lovely, so She's dressed in the sexy little outfit here - She sent me the picture before he arrived.

She's hoping he will be the first other man to fuck Her in our bed - where She said She hopes to suck his cock, and to tell him that She doesn't suck my cock...

He divorced his wife two years ago, and says he's not looking for love - so he could turn out to be the ideal boyfriend. Apparently he's good looking, and last time they were together he played with Her and made Her cum three times!

If he asks about me, She said She'd tell him I am Her submissive, and She calls all the shots in our loving female lead relationship.

I wonder what they are up to now!

We had this incredibly hot conversation - after She tells him I'm Her submissive, if He asks if She ever punishes me, She'll be honest and say no, but She used to. She hopes he will tell her that She should start to do so again, and perhaps even join Her in caning me to ensure I am punished hard enough. Ahhnnnng!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013


I do wish that Mistress would 'do' something of a sexual nature 'to' me that is purely and selfishly for Her pleasure, probably something I do not enjoy, but something she repeats from time to time, makes me request, and makes me thank Her afterwards.

That would be perfect.

I think the reason I wish for this is because I would know She is doing it purely for Her pleasure and because She can - not for my pleasure.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

How are you all?

How is everyone?

We are fine. Been too busy to post!

Torremolinos is back from his Xmas break, so is due to give Her a ramming this Friday. Appart from that all is quiet.

Oh, in December She took me to visit Torremolinos. He opened Her arse right up, and then invited me to use it - he had made it wider than Her pussy! I used it happily and came in there for the fist time in years. It's rather confused our relationship!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fight time

Sadly Mistress and I have had a fight. I got mad and She got mad and things got bad.

We’ve made up now, and I clearly symbolised this by offering to lick Her arse this morning, and She accepted it, by allowing me to lick Her arse.

Afterwards I sent Her this series of messages that I want to share with you.

10:10, 29 Nov - sub hubby: The reason I say I am happy for us to break up is not because I want us to break up, but is for the same reason I am submissive to you, and because I believe you are so good and sexy and desirable, such a complete woman, that it is difficult to see why you would settle for someone like me.

10:10, 29 Nov - sub hubby: The last thing I want to do is lose you. I want to serve you forever...

10:13, 29 Nov - sub hubby: This is also why I get upset when I don't think you are being honest or happy. Because I want to respond to the honest you and fulfil the honest you, and I want to make you happy. I if I worry you are not being honest or happy then I worry I can't be making you happy, and that is the most important thing to me.

10:13, 29 Nov - sub hubby: So its all upside down, I get cross because I am your submissive.

10:13, 29 Nov - sub hubby: I hope you can see that.

10:13, 29 Nov - sub hubby: And I will try not to get cross. X

10:18, 29 Nov - sub hubby: By the way, I am not making excuses for my bad behaviour. I am just letting you know why I say and feel those things. XXXX

10:27, 29 Nov - sub hubby: I do wish that you understood, and accepted and embraced this position in me, in order to fully exploit and enjoy the dominant role you deserve and should have in our relationship.

10:29, 29 Nov - sub hubby: You think cuckolding makes me angry, and but it's not that. It's more the fear and uncertainty caused by your reluctance to openly embrace a happy and entirely honest dominant role in our relationship.

10:32, 29 Nov - sub hubby: For example, when I ask you, and or in my mind want to fuck your arse after Torremolinos has loosened it, and you tell me that that is not my role, and that you love and want me to submissively lick it better, then I feel good because I believe you value that in me. XX

10:37, 29 Nov - Mistress Wife: Thanks for explaining. I understand better. I love you and I love you forever as my submissive. XX

Friday, November 09, 2012

It’s time… for anal sex

It’s that time of the month. Mistress is on Her period, and we don’t have conventional sex during that time. She sometimes gets a little PMT for a few days before hand, and this is never good – She gets PMT and upsets Herself and me, and then She goes off sexual limits for the best part of a week. That’s no good for a relationship is it?

Before the submissive relationship started, She’d nearly always give me a blowjob during this 5 day window, but all that stopped years ago – no chance of that happening now.

Sometimes She might wank me at this time, but this is less likely if She’s upset Herself and me in the past few days, as is the case this time around.

So the next few days are looking bleak sexually, for me anyway.

This makes it all the more interesting if Torremolinos reaches out for Her. Because of course for him, the absence of pussy is neither really here or there – because he’s just as happy raping Her arse and mouth – in fact, a closed pussy simply goes to justify using these other holes even more – so though She’s off sexual limits to me, She’s well on for him.

Even more interesting, is he usually reaches out on Friday, and today’s a Friday…

Because She upset both of us in the last few days, She suggested that She and I go to the pub for a drink this evening – I guess to kind of make up. We can’t do that if She’s out having anal sex with Torremolinos, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens if he reaches out.

Of course my cuckold hard on gets even harder at the thought of Her cancelling Her plans with me, to take Her arse to him, leaving me high and dry…

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Sardax understands

I’m in a place I’m not really sure I want to be in.

If I ask for ‘normal’ sex (Mistress and I call it ‘Tatoo sex, because if I fuck Her doggy style [which I never do] then I get to see the tattoo in the small of Her back); so if I ask for Tatoo sex, then She says no – She does not suck wimp cocks and they don’t go in Her arse. “Those holes are reserved for real men who just take them”.

Well, after She’s told me no, I am hardly likely to ‘just take them’ am I. Torremolinos does, but that’s not me. I’d only want to do it if She wanted me to do it, and apparently She doesn’t.

My role, She says, is to lick Her arse gently, and have gentle, submissive sex with Her; a submissive role.

But this takes me to the standard cuckold submissive conflict.

If I am the submissive, then She must be the dominant, in which case Her role is to dominate me. She does not do this, in any way other than by requiring my acceptance of my cuckold, wimp status.

But my cuckold, wimp status wants more than that. It wants a dominant that does not just want to be served, but that wants to dominate. And that is apparently not Her.

This leaves me having to give, not get.

I appreciate that I give submission, and in return get love and acceptance. But my servitude feels wasted without some domination.

Sardax clearly understands. And in fact fuels my fire.