Friday, July 30, 2010

Blow Job

Yesterday, because Mistress was on Her away day, a few of the guys, including another husband from her work place, came round and we ate a chilli, sank some beers and watched Inglorious Bastards.

Sure enough, after the coach got in Mistress & Dave went to a pub together where they snogged so much they nearly got thrown out!

They moved outside and She sat on his lap and he got his hand in Her catsuit and played with Her pussy. She played with his cock, and he rose, stood over Her, in their office car park at 10:30 at night, pushed Her down onto Her knees, in that outfit, where She gave him a blow job until he came in Her mouth! On Her knees in the car park! He pushed Her down! She loved it!

So She got home about 11pm. Then apparently today at work, the wife of the other husband who was around here, and who’d heard what time She got in, was asking around to try and find out who She’d gone out with! She even asked Dave, who alerted Mistress by text just now!

Fortunately when She came in last night, She just joined us, and didn’t say who She’d been out with! Otherwise the cat would be out the bag that She’s seeing someone else! Close shave!

After the others left last night She told me about the kissing and blow job, and my cock got hard as She told me. She took it out and wanked it, before telling me to wank to it myself.

As I was cumming I asked Her where I was to cum. ‘He came in your mouth’, I said, ‘Where do you want me to cum?’. ‘On yourself’ She replied, and I groaned as I wanked onto my shirt, soo turned on by the injustice of it – but how many blowjobs does a girl want to give in one night?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Away Day

Well the upshot of last night’s anger is in my response to appy in yesterday’s comment.

This morning Mistress left for Her office away day. She looked so beautiful dressed up that I took this picture before She went.

A LOT of effort went into choosing this outfit – believe me. She likes my help looking good, and I like to help Her – She is such good material to work with!

She sent me a text to saying “Dave’s comment was ‘fuck me you look gorgeous’ so thank you style guru – you delivered again! Xx”

So I am of course happy that She is happy that I helped Her dress well for him (and Her!).

They were having a long day out – champagne brunch, day out boozing, and drinks when they get back – I’m not expecting Her back until reasonably late.

She just called to say Hi! That is unusual – to take time out of Her fun day to call just to say hi – that’s a good sign – my bad behaviour would appear to be forgiven!

I wonder if She will come straight home, or if She and Dave will go off on their own for a little time together when their coach gets back… we shall see.

Meantime, all is well.

Today is ‘goodbye’ day for Her and Dave as he is out the office tomorrow, and then away for his week’s holiday early Saturday morning.

If you’ve not entered the holiday poll please do – let’s have some fun!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Childish rage, or natural jealousy?

I am feeling angry.

I am angry that Mistress took time out of Her busy day to go for coffee with Dave, has undoubtedly spent the whole day messaging him, will spend the whole day out with him tomorrow, and will probably stay out with him well into the night as well.

My anger is childish. She is about to leave the office for Pilates. When She does, She will call me, and I am minded not to take Her call, because I am angry. That’s not very constructive. I know.

My anger is natural. I am Her husband. Her pussy Should get wet for me. She should not feel bad that another man will be away from the office on holiday for a week. If She wants to go for a drink and flirt, it should be with me.

“Tie me up”

Things are not helped by a message She sent him yesterday saying She wants him to tie Her helpless to the bed, and then have his wicked way with Her.

She would not allow me to do this if I asked.

We agreed some time ago that I would not see her BBM exchanges, because of course they upset me.

But She keeps saying She has nothing to hide, and then shows them to me – and when I see that She’s going to let him tie Her up of course I get mad.

If I show Her I am upset, She will be unhappy that She is making me unhappy, then She won’t enjoy Her time with Dave so much (She won’t stop seeing him!) – but the whole thing becomes a nasty spiral. And I don’t want that. I want a happy confident Mistress who fucks Dave however She wants and comes home to dominate and shit on me.

Give me strength.

Too busy for love

Mistress is busy at work. The end of the month is near, and there’s bills to be raised. The year end is upon them, and there are staff feedback forms to be done. Tomorrow the whole office has a day off to all go out together to celebrate the successes of the year.

But She’s not in Friday, and Dave’s not in next week… Tomorrow’s celebration is a very public function – all of them boozing and having a good time from 10am to 9:30 pm (and later I am sure for those that want…). This does not represent a suitable environment to spend time with Dave.

So this morning She takes time out of Her busy schedule to go for a coffee break with him. Why? “Nothing special. No agenda. Just a face to face chat as opposed to BBM. And tomorrow there will then be no need to chat much as we can socialise with others.” Yeah! Like they are going to be more than a meter apart from each other at any time tomorrow!

When She gets back from Her coffee we exchange a few texts. He wants Her to wear a dress tomorrow – so that he has access to Her pussy. She’s planning to wear trousers… We discuss it, and I express the view that he will touch Her cunt with no cloth between it and his fingers no matter what She wears.

She denies this, and then ends our conversation: “I am back to work” She declares. Meaning She’s too busy to message me any more.

That’s fine. But I know for sure, because She will show me Her BBM history this evening, that She will have messaged him throughout the day, with not more than 10 minutes between messages. All day.

This cuckolding thing we have is not just about him having access. It’s about Her preferring to spend time with him than me – because he offers sexual thrills and excitement that I don’t.

I’m still getting used to that – I surprise myself at how accepting of it I’ve become…

(I took the pictures of Mistress about 15 years ago, in my office – back in the days when I used to do macho things like ask Her to take Her clothes off so I could take photos…)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lover's Tiff

Mistress and Dave had a date this afternoon. They were to adjourn to their favourite local hotel bar, drink and flirt, and then move up to a room and fuck each others brains out for a few hours.

But yesterday he cancelled, or postponed it. He had to travel for work

She was NOT happy. He had known he was double booked, and he’d said he would rearrange the work – but he didn’t.

Apparently he is due off on holiday next week, and the way their diaries are working, they will not get to spend any time together on coffee, lunch or fuck dates before them.

This actually made Her more disappointed than the missed fuck today. She wouldn’t see him for a whole week!

I was surprised. I didn’t think he was that important to Her life.

I discussed it with Her, and She said Her patience was wearing thin. She thought the relationship was going somewhere, but he didn’t seem committed…

Wow! I didn’t realise this relationship required that degree of proximity! A Lover’s tiff! I thought you had to get married to qualify for one of those!

She was so cross that She waited nearly 30 minutes before replying to each of his BBM messages through the day, and She only said She loves his cock and wants to bounce on it about 5 times instead of the usual 20 times…

I don’t think he got the message!

By this morning She had forgiven him. His work was important, and they would and could meet another time.

She said that She never felt disappointed that She would not see him to say goodbye, and I was reading too much into that. I wonder!

Anyway, I was the beneficiary, because She told me to fuck Her last night, which She would never have done if She was meeting him today. She’d have wanted to present him with a tight, clean, pussy.

This morning they had exchanged a lengthy series of fuck me messages before She’d even brushed Her teeth. It seems the forgiveness is fairly absolute.

All’s well that ends well.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Intimate Gesture

Mistress did not invite, instruct or offer me anal sex on my birthday. I was not surprised. But we had a special day anyway. I am lucky to have Her.

As we lay in bed a thought occurred to me.

“There is one thing”, I said to Her, “that you did with David, and have now done with Dave, but that I do not think You will ever do with me.”

“Oh!” She said, clearly, sceptical, “What’s that?”

“Have me wank in Your face. Cum on Your face. Open your mouth and stick out Your tongue so that I can wank on to it.”

“I cannot imagine You allowing me to do that, and I cannot imagine asking to do it. It is such an un-submissive think to do.”

She smiled. “You’re right” She said “I cannot see that ever happening again – I just can’t see it happening. I would not want you to do that, and you wouldn’t do it.”

“But you did it with David, and now you’ve already done it with Dave twice. But never again with me,” I said.

“Yes”, She replied.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Anal Sex (Oh! And Happy Birthday to me!)

Regular readers will know that my entitlement or right to sex, any sex, ceased some time ago, and in particular anal sex.

When Mistress took David’s cock, which is considerably smaller than mine, and not attached to a submissive, up the arse, She loved it so much She decided to stop giving my cock access.

This caused me major trauma, and she relented: I am permitted anal sex once a year. On my birthday. It is my birthday today.

This time last year we were on holiday in Portugal, and in the evening She gave me Her arse, and I took it. I have not had it since, though others have.

Trouble is, I don’t want it on this basis. I don’t want it as an act of largesse. I only want it if She wants me to fuck Her in the arse – as She undoubtedly wants Dave to fuck Her in the arse.

I told Her this some time ago. She has created a beast of an issue with this, and it will not go away. If She offers me Her arse today, or even instructs me to take it, I shall believe it is because She is fulfilling Her annual duty and pledge, and I do not want it as part of such duty.

I could pretend I do, like I did last year, and if nature permits me, I could take it to make Her happy. But that’s down to nature. Nature may dictate that I don’t take it, because I’m not turned on.

It’s going to be an interesting evening… I shall do my best to make Her happy on my birthday.

Holding Hands

As we went up to bed last night Mistress sent Dave a good night text. We discussed what She should say.

“I am off to bed, dreaming about your hard cock.”

Was this too intimate, when he knew that She was actually going to bed with me? Should She add a kiss? (They don’t usually exchange kisses in their messages).

She felt a kiss was too intimate. I said that if She wanted to establish an intimate relationship with him, then it would need to involve kisses. She agreed. He got a message with a kiss.

As we got ready for bed the debate continued and we talked about Mistress’ last date. (Actually, we talk about Dave pretty much all the time).

Following on from a reader’s comment in this blog, I had asked Mistress if She and Dave kissed on their date, and She said yes. On arrival, the first thing he did was give Her a big kiss – upon discussion it turns out they actually exchanged a big kiss…

We discussed the intimacy of the kiss, and kissing generally. Is it intimate? Is it more intimate than fucking? Is it the most intimate thing you can do? Are their kisses ‘intimate’?

We identified a more intimate act: holding hands.

She told me that as the two of them left the pub to go for a walk, Her knickers removed so that he could have ready access to Her pussy as they strolled, She put Her arm round him. He held Her hand and then moved it to his side, holding Her hand as they walked.

Immediately they felt too intimate, and both released their grip. They were not comfortable with it – they don’t have that degree of intimacy.

I can relate to this – I can only walk holding Mistress’ hand if we are happy with each other. If we have argued or are not happy, then I find the act of holding hands hypocritical and uncomfortable.

I asked Mistress if She wanted to get Her relationship with Dave to the stage where they did hold hands comfortably, and She said that yes, She did. In due course, when they were comfortable, She’d like to have an intimate boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with him in which they were both happy to hold hands.

I was lying in bed naked as She said this, and my cock got rock hard when I heard it. She saw this, and came to bed to play with it. As She got into bed She lead my cock to Her pussy. No real foreplay at all.

We discussed this too, and I observed that She did not invite me to play with Her pussy as She did with Dave, but just used my cock to fuck Her pussy. She agreed. Dave was for good, sexy times, my cock was just for fucking. ‘What’s wrong with that?’ She asked.

As She drew my cock into Her I told Her I found the idea of the two of them so intimate that in three years time they were still fucking, and were holding hands such a turn on. She moaned as we fucked, clearly turned on by this idea too.

“Imagine if the two of you were so close that you could say to him ‘Richard knows,’ ‘I got tired of running around behind his back, and so I told him about us. I told him I have a relationship with you, I fuck you, and he’s got to deal with it.’.” (Interesting punctuation there!)

She moaned and orgasmed at the idea. She said She too would love that. We slept.

I would love it if She told him and he accepted it. I would love to be submissive to both of them rather than just Her, even if the sole extent of his domination were to ignore me – which is not likely.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Going to plan…

When Mistress got it from Her date with Dave yesterday I asked if he’d got his wicked way, and got his hands inside Her wet knickers.

“What knickers?’ She replied pulling up Her short white skirt to show her naked pussy, ‘He made me take them off!” She smiled at me.

The two had been to the pub for a drink and some groping. Clearly they had a good time.

She said that they sat next to each other while he told Her how he was going to fuck Her, and Her pussy got wet. When he touched it through Her panties he could not believe how wet She was, and he asked Her to go and remove Her panties before they went outside to find a quiet spot for something more intense.

After dinner She told me to bring Her wet panties from Her handbag, kneel before Her in the sitting room and wank.

As I pulled Her pants out of Her bag I could not believe how wet they were. I’ve never seen anything like it!

As I knelt before Her She told me to pull my dick out and wank it while I licked Her pants, and thought about how another man had made Her that wet.

I took out my throbbing cock and sucked the gusset of Her pants into my mouth. As I wanked She asked me what I was thinking, and I replied that I was thinking how good a time She must have had to get so wet, and that I never made Her that wet, and how lucky She was now to have another man to do that to Her.

When I had sucked Her panties dry She told me to rub them on my cock until I came and I did, spurting all over the sitting room floor before wiping it up.

These are the pants She was wearing.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am away at the moment - in Palma, working witha friend and business partner (and having fun!)

Dave came round the house yesterday, because I am away, and fucked Mistress. They've finally done it! She sounds very pleased. I'll update you when I get back and have the time. Imagine!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Date Night

Well, they are away on their date night – and what a strange set of plans its been.

Originally he was supposed to book a room in the hotel that they last drank in – and they were going to fuck. But then he pulled away from that, and talked in vague terms of going some other place. Nothing firm ever came of it (no pun intended) and today they decided they would go back to the hotel bar – though they have not booked a room.

Mistress is disappointed – She said She hopes to have shagged him before She gets back tonight, but obviously She’s not going to push it too far with him – She’s going to let him lead, but offer him every encouragement.

Apparently he made some comment at their last lunch date that he ‘loves the chase’. We speculate that he’s old enough to have worked out that a good chase is more fun than a fuck, but who knows. When he gets a look at Her in the outfit She left in, and gets a few glasses of wine down his neck, it’ll be interesting to see where they end up – but on a lovely sunny day like today, the hotel they are going to is going to be fully booked by now… so we shall see.

They left by train at 3:30. She’ll not be back until midnight +/- 3 hours – so about 6 intimate hours with him – smiling, drinking, chatting, touching and perhaps fucking.


After Mistress got ready to leave this afternoon, She told me to present myself naked for disciplinary strokes. She gave me 16 strokes of the cane, which She said would be repeated twice as hard if She came back and I exhibited any signs of jealousy – I am to await Her return and greet Her happily when She gets back.

I thanked Her for the strokes and Her kind advice. While She caned me She asked me what She should do when She was out, and I confirm that She should have as much sexy fun as She possibly could.

The promise of seconds

After my strokes Mistress wanked my cock to make it hard. I asked if I could put it in Her but She said no – She was saving it in the hope that he would fuck Her, and She wanted to keep Her pussy nice and tight for him. She promised me seconds when She gets home tonight – or maybe even first if they don’t fuck, but nothing before.

She told me that giving me the strokes has made Her wet, and She pulled Her panties aside and invited me to feel how wet She was – and She sure was! This is the first time I am aware of that She has become sexually excited as a result of caning me.

What’s going on?

Earlier in the week, after a second day of reading constant BBM sex between the two of them, I said to Her that it really hurt me to read their sexy exchanges, and to know how much She wanted him.

She could see that I was really hurt, and She replied that the messages were ‘just crap’ with ‘no meaning’. But I humbly disagreed with Her – they are constant messages – every 2 minutes on average, all through the day, every day. And Her pussy is wet as She writes them – that’s not ‘just crap’, that’s heavy shit, combined with lunch dates and kissing in the lift.

She went quiet and thought about it, then She said:

“I am pursuing a relationship with this guy. I want him to become my boyfriend, and to fuck me well, give me great sex, not just now, but often and into the future.

For me to do that – to capture him and establish that relationship with him - there has to be an attraction, otherwise it won’t work. So what I am doing now is working to establish that attraction and relationship so that we can start fucking and then continue to do so for a long time thereafter.”

Well. That answered my question. She’s trying to win him as a boyfriend with whom She shares a mutual attraction. I guess, to do that She’s going to be kissing him, messaging him and going on dates during which She does not even think of me….That makes sense.

So now I know. It made it so much easier to accept the messaging, the kissing and the dates. She’s trying to establish him as a boyfriend – what else would I expect.

I’m happy with that now – I understand it. And I understand that with nothing but submissive sex from me, She does want and deserve a proper lover with whom She can have and enjoy alpha male sex – that’s what we’ve always wanted for Her – and She’s out now trying to get it.

The great thing is that against this background I am so much clearer and therefore accepting of what is going on. It makes it so much easier.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

“Wow the lift”

Those are the words of his morning greeting on Her Crackberry today.

She told me last night that they had a ‘proper’ kiss – he put his arms round her and, my words, touched tongues. ‘Short’, She said, but ‘proper’.

No wonder he went back for seconds!

Being a man, I reckon he’ll want to go back for more today.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Kiss...

Well… He suggested they have ‘a meeting’ in a quiet meeting room – but they decided against that…

She suggested the lift, and he thought that was a great idea, but they chickened out, and didn’t do that…so there was no kiss yesterday.

But today….they went for a lunch date, and took the lift back up to their floor – and there they had their ‘proper’ kiss.

He liked it so much, he asked for another as She left, and he joined Her in the lift again where they went up and down a few times as they snogged. Apparently they were petrified! But they did it!

Plans for Friday are getting very vague. They’ve pulled back from the hotel in the neighbouring town and are just going for a drink, with him saying ‘who knows where we will end up…’ – so who knows – apparently its all up for grabs. Very strange.

Meantime we had a very heavy discussion last night – too much to go into now – I’ll pick up on that later.

Thanks to those who answered the poll – now you know how it ended!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Catch 22

Yesterday Mistress came home at lunch time and I read the BBMs She’d been exchanging with Dave. My heart was pumping, I was excited, insecure and hurting like hell. She was telling him She would wrap Her naked legs round him and fuck him silly.

I went upstairs and told Her – I’ve just read your BBMs, and I can’t cope with it - it hurts me too much.

She sighed. ‘It’s just crap’, She said, ‘Just talk. I don’t mean it – it means nothing. It’s just crap, bloody good fun, I love it and it means nothing. It’s you I love – you know it – if I ‘m with you then I even ask you what we should say! But I don’t want to hurt you, so if it hurts you then I’ll stop. I love doing it, but I don’t want to hurt you, so I’ll stop.”

And with those words She set my mind at ease. She can do that – set my mind at ease – so easily. So I told Her I was happy for Her to carry on- now that She’d explained it, I was relaxed about it, and I still am today.

But this morning as we lay in bed, my hard on rubbing against Her thigh, She reached for my cock. “I wasn’t supposed to touch this’ She said, ‘But its mine and I’ll do what I want” and She started to wank me.

My mind wondered: Was She doing this to assuage Her guilt? To make me feel good given our conversation yesterday? To show me She wanted to engage with my cock? Because She was thinking of Dave and horny? Or actually because She wanted to?

With all those conflicting thoughts I didn’t really enjoy it as She played with my cock, and I did not cum.

This submissive cuckold thing has a pretty severe impact on my brain. She said She’s not going to touch my cock, now She is. Why?

Of course She is entitled to touch my cock if She wants. I should say She is welcome to. I should feel lucky that She does. But head fuck is head fuck, and on this matter my head is fucked, so I did not cum as She played with me this morning….

The other day Mistress said She doesn’t suck my cock (because I am Her submissive and don’t deserve it, and ) because it is too big and hurts Her jaws to do so. Dave’s is smaller and much easier to suck.

So what I am going to think next time She does suck my dick, if She does?

Be careful what you wish for…

Hey! I’ve got an update on the kissing sage – but I’m not going to share it until after the poll closes tonight. So vote now – will they kiss or not!

Will they kiss today?

In the BBM sex Mistress had with Dave yesterday evening he got very excited (“You are on your knees pointing your arse towards me, and I am putting my cock in you, fucking you deeply…”).

He ended by saying that he had thoroughly enjoyed it, and would not be able to stop himself from kissing Her in the office today – only question was where to go for a snog! Mistress suggests there is nowhere suitable and it won’t happen. But I said what about the lift? Just get in the lift together and press the button for the top floor – you’ve got the place to yourself and plenty of notice before anyone else gets in….

She liked that idea. Hardly anyone uses the lift in their building. She doesn’t think he’ll have thought of it – so question is whether She suggests it to him or not.

What do you think? Will She suggest it to him? Will they kiss? Take the poll!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Fucking Date

The date is now known. He has booked a hotel in a neighbouring town for this Friday afternoon. The two of them will leave for a late lunch, have a drink, move to the hotel room, and fuck before they leave.

The date was set up last Friday.

To prepare me Mistress has said She will not touch my cock at all until She has fucked him.

I have had to wank myself since the date was set up. And there’s still the best part of a week to go.

She is terribly excited, and looking forward to it. They’ve been having BBM sex constantly since the date was set up.

Friday, July 02, 2010


A couple of days ago I was easting Mistress’ pussy and it was considerably wetter than usual. After we were done I asked Her how come She was so wet, and She confessed that She had been thinking about finally getting a hotel room with Dave, and ‘ripping our clothes off and going at it as soon as we walked in the door. That really made me horny,” She said.

Needless to say it made me even more insecure. So much so that I spoke to Her about it (my insecurity) this morning.

I am in the process of launching a new business, and whereas in the past I would work all night and all day, now I like to lie with Her in bed until She wakes up, and lie with Her in the evening watching telly – just to be with Her and hold Her – to ‘protect’ ‘my’ relationship – and its affecting the hours I’m putting in to the business – and we need the income.

We discussed it in a level headed way, and we’ve yet to resolve it. But she’s just called to say She’s going for coffee with Dave this evening – so my insecurities aren’t going anywhere…

It occurred to me that while Rome was a second honey moon, and we shagged every day, Mistress never once reached for my cock and just played with it, or took it into Her mouth and sucked it. Yet when She anticipates getting it on with Dave that is exactly what She is looking forward to doing.

She was hoping he’d ask Her to a hotel this evening, but he’s not done (yet!). But if he did, She would hold his cock, play with his cock and such his cock – as well as fuck it. I only got the fucking.

I should consider myself very, very lucky. But I consider myself uncontrollably insecure.