Monday, February 23, 2009


Mistress was kind and generous and did not hit me as hard as She could. So I managed to cry real tears. But my cock did not get hard, and my arse is still smarting an hour later.

20 minute wait

Mistress is taking a lunch time snooze in front of the telly after a workout at the gym. I am to wake Her in another 20 minutes when She is rested so She can take me upstairs for the 15 strokes of the cane I have earned this week.

5 are a punishment for not immediately taking the clean clothes upstairs, and ten are for failing to do 5 things exclusively to make Her happy last Thursday.

She seems rather enthusiastically back into FemDom right now. Last night She had me eat Her to orgasm and I got nothing, and this morning I ate Her arse clean and again got nothing.
My cock is twitching with excitement and fear, but it can’t even get hard properly, because 15 is going to be fearsome.