Monday, January 24, 2011

Fuck off Chilli Jam

Today’s post is bland, but fiery! I have spent the afternoon making chilli jam. I do this once every 3 months or so, because we both like chillies…

Forget the nancy recipes you see on line. Mine is ‘fuck off chilli jam’. It has an approximate recipe:-

1 kg small, hot red Thai chillies
250 g large, red Dutch chillies
6 Scotch Bonnets
1 large red onion
300 ml white wine vinegar
Juice of 2 lemons
Pinch of salt.

Chop it all up. Caramelise the onion. Add the the sugar and the vinigar and dissolve.

Add the other bits.

Boil and stir.

Transfer to sterile jars.

Share with friends. Eat. Enjoy.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Blow job

These are the pants Mistress wore to Her date today.

Mistress called me on Her way back to the office from the date to tell me all about it. I asked Her if She had sucked his cock, and She immediately replied ‘Yeah! I sucked and wanked it. And drank his spoof.”

I groaned out loud. My own cock was in my hand, and I was imagining Her hot lips and mouth round it! Lucky him!

She could tell I was wanting Her mouth round my cock and asked how I was feeling. I replied that he was a lucky guy, and that I wished I could suck my own cock – at least then I could get to feel warm lips round it.

I didn’t want Her to feel that She neglects me, so I moved the conversation on – but I could see that the thought played on Her mind.

She will decide, either to suck my cock this evening, to make up for it, and to thank me for supporting Her date, or not to suck it to prove Her absolute dominance.

Which will it be? Take the poll! Be heard!

Friday Date

They’ve just been for a lunch date at a pub. She took his cock out in the pub and played with it, and then they went to his car where She wanked him and sucked his cock.

He is so lucky! She touched my cock for the second time this year this morning – but he gets to have his cock wanked and sucked for the umpteenth time!

I’m actually getting used to not having Her lips round my cock. She is adamant that sucking my cock is too submissive an act for Her to perform on me.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cuckold hard on

I’ve talked about these before – they are what happens when my cock gets hard at the thought of Her with him I want to fuck Her and fuck Her and fuck Her so much that She doesn’t need sex from him any more.

My cock gets hard - really hard - much harder than shown here. Like an iron bar! She loves it! But needless to say, after getting it from me She still feels horny and still wants him.

I had a cuckold hard on this morning, as I knew they had a planned date, and that She would do Her utmost to play with his cock, and if possible get him to cum in Her mouth – even though She has only touched my cock once this year and I can’t remember when I last came in Her mouth.

My cuckold hard on was wasted – She was not in the mood. I offered to do anything to please Her – thinking that even if all I did was eat Her arse, at least She would start the day reminded that I am Her sexual servant, but She didn’t want that either and so I made the tea!

Teenage love

Mistress has just left the office with Dave to go for a half hour coffee. They are going downstairs in the lift, so that can go up and down a few times snogging and touching each other up.

They are like teenagers in their affection and pursuit of each other – they can’t get enough – on BBM all day every day – and I mean all day every day – then they go down (and up and down and up and down) in the lift while they snog, and THEN they still go and sit with each other and talk through coffee – while they look at each other and wish they could rip each other’s clothes off.

It’s that teenage excitement that gives Her relationship with him the edge over me… In a way I envy them – I can’t offer Her that – people who have been married 15 years don’t do that!

Sometimes I tell myself I should find a bit of excitement to enjoy this with – but the only person I want is Her - well, apart from Rihanna and Cheryl Cole, but there’s not much chance of that!!

Oh well.

Monday, January 17, 2011

She chose the cane

When Mistress was ready to leave the house She told me to go up to the bed room. Once there, She told me to prepare myself for strokes. To do this I attach a roped cuff to each limb, and loop 3 of them over 3 posts on our bed. The fourth She must do, as I can’t reach it. I am then bound at Her mercy, unable to escape on our bed.

She instructed me that our problems are caused by my jealousy, and that in future if and when I get jealous I am to kneel before Her and explain that I am jealous and why, and She will deal with it. If I misbehave I will get 50 strokes of the cane and no sex or orgasms for a week.

To illustrate this She gave me 50 strokes. I swear the first 25 felt like 50, and I pleaded that this was the case, but to no avail as She walked round the bed and administered a second set of 25.

So told me to write 50 before She gets back as follows.

I will not be jealous of Mistress and her boyfriend in a negative manner. I will be respectful as I am only a wimp husband. If I do I will be punished 50 strokes and no sex or cuming for a week.

After releasing my arm Mistress told me that caning me had made Her pussy wet - turned Her on punishing me. She pulled down Her leggings and told me to feel Her wet cunt as proof of this. In the position I was in I could only touch Her cunt, I could not really feel inside it, but I am glad that caning me turns Her on. I hope that this encourages Her to further ruthless and cruel application.

My arse is on fire. I will just finish putting away the dishes, and then attend to the lines.


On Sunday night we argued again. I did not offer myself up for punishment.

Things have been a little tense today. On edge. I was going to apologise to Mistress this morning for my behaviour, and invite Her to administer any punishment She felt due. But She was clearly a bit uptight. Upset. So I decided not to.

Later we talked. She asked what I think we should do to resolve the impasse. I said that I am tired of offering solutions – the way I think we should move forward. She is a responsible part of this partnership – She should decide how we resolve this and move forward.

If I had the choice I would say that She should tie me down and beat me black and blue. Make me accept that Dave is Her sexual excitement not me. Confirm time and time again that I cannot be jealous of him, because I am not Her alpha make sexual excitement – that is his role, not mine, so jealousy is wholly inappropriate.

But I’m not going to do that – I do that every time we fall out. This time I want Her to decide how we move forward.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What should She do?

I can see that my jealousy causes issues for Mistress. She does not want to hurt me. And more often than not I encourage Her relationship – so how come sometimes I get jealous? How should She deal with it?

She wants to continue Her relationship – She loves it. She loves him, the dirty sex, cuckolding me, all aspects of it. Should She continue it, or should She end it?

I want Her to end it, and tell me I am all the man She wants and needs – even though I know that’s not true! How stupid is that?

I want Her to sit me down (well, tie me down, actually) and explain to me that I am just a cuckold wimp who is not able to satisfy Her sexually, and that’s why She needs a real man, with whom to enjoy alpha male sex. I want Her to tell me that the very idea that I could satisfy Her sexually is laughable.

I want Her to make me say: “I am a cuckold wimp who cannot satisfy You sexually, and You deserve a real man to take care of Your sexual needs.”

I want to genuinely support Her pursuit of Her alpha male, and genuinely accept my submissive role. So why is that so hard? And how on earth can She reconcile the two?


In my BBM Sex post below I talked about how Mistress and Dave were having extensive BBM sex for the third day in a row. When She texted me about it at the time She said he had an insatiable appetitie for it – giving me the distinct impression that it was he that was initiating it.

But when I read Her BBM that night there it was in black and white – She initiated it with him – ‘Tell me something interesting to relieve the boredom of my day’, She said, and so it had started.

I realised that rather than him having an insatiable appetite for it, it was Her who could not get enough of him.

I got jealous.

She saw this and we talked about it at night.

“I am going to cane you for that until you bleed”, She said. So what if I crack him every day? I always crack him – I always will, and you should get used to it.”

“If I had my way I would fuck him every day, not just crack him every day. He is not a wimp cock like you. He is a real man, an alpha male, and I want to fuck him every single day – so get used to it. Deal with it,” She said.

That night I entered the kitchen and She was cracking him again, and She put Her Crackberry down. I left the room in a jealous anger.

Yesterday I was feeling bad too. I got in from Golf and as I walked in through the kitchen I noticed Her Crackberry was not on charge, so She must have had it in the sitting room with Her, cracking him while I was out.

So I decided not to go and join Her – She has him, why does She need me? So I just went straight to bath. She was not happy at all.

So today when She went to the gym, I had this idea that She might leave the crack at home. But no. She’s taken it with Her. She’s racking him now from the gym. I thought She might be more sensitive to my jealousy, but apparently not.

Sunday is traditionally punishment night. I am sure She will want to try to cane it out of me this evening.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

YouTube videos

You might hav noticed the ouTube videos I recently embedded.

This woman is on the same wave length as me - She could be talking about me!

I find that interesting - I would have thought I was the only one with these fealings, but She describes them perfectly.


I forgot to mention, in my earlier post, that after I licked Her arse this morning, as She told me to get out of bed and go make the tea, Mistress touched my hard cock for a few seconds – tugged at it a few time, before telling me to get out of bed. This is the first time She has touched it this year.

Anyway, on to the point of this post.

Dave has been off sick for three days now. At home recuperating. Supposedly. But as you can imagine, with an empty house to himself, the man has been doing some serious wanking. The two of them have had BBM sex for over an hour every day, including many images of his cock, and always ending with an image of his day’s cum on his hand.

Mistress has an insatiable appetite for this stuff. She can’t get enough. She encourages him and goads him. It’s quite disgusting! A nun would feint!

They are at it now apparently. His wife must think he’s really sick since he never gets a hard on – but its because he’s wanking for her every day!


After my last conversation with Mistress I was on a downer. I can’t believe She will never suck my cock again, or let me penetrate Her anally, but She will do these things with Her cuckold boyfriends. Well, actually, I can believe, it, and that’s what put me on a downer.

I spoke to Her about it the next day, but She was adamant – as Her submissive it would be wrong for me to get those things, She does not want to do them to me, and will not be doing them ever again. And I should accept this and support Her decision in this respect, not question it.

She says that dominating and humiliating me in this way causes Her sexual pleasure – She gets wet from calling my cock a wimp cock and treating me as Her submissive, so we should both relish that – as She said, its what I’ve wanted all our married life – now I’ve got it, why am I complaining?

Since then She has had me eat Her arse or Her pussy every day in the morning. So I can see why She would be happy – She gets oral sex every day, and decides if its arse, or pussy, and She never has to give me oral or any other sex. But She gets to swallow David’s spunk as much as She possibly can.

Last night as She had me penetrate Her She got well carried away, and told me how She was looking forward to bringing back a load of his cum in Her arse for me to lick out – showing me that he has had access to cum in it, and making me lick it clean, turns Her on. Me too.

What a life.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Anal sex

Mistress and I have not had anal sex for some years now. ‘Before’ we used to do so once or twice a year. When She was going out with David, they had anal sex every time they met up.

Yesterday She was cracking furiously with Dave having BBM sex while I ate Her pussy. Afterwards, when She let me read it I saw that much of it was all about him cuming in Her arse. They have not had anal sex yet (well, other than his tongue and fingers going in there) but it seems to me that they are probably going to do so soon.

So last night when we went to bed this thought was stimulating me. I want to put my cock in Her arse, and cum in there.

So I said to Her, ‘I want to fuck You in the arse”. She laughed out loud and said that would only happen in my dreams - I would never fuck Her in the arse. I used to, but She no longer wanted to do that with me.

“You are a submissive, and submissives do not get to fuck dominant women in the arse”, She said. “Your wimp cock will never fuck me in the arse or cum in my mouth again. Real men will fuck me in the arse, but you will not” She said.

I reached down to Her cunt and guided my cock in for a cuckold fuck, trying to fuck the submissiveness out of me and out of Her. I thrust almost violently into Her pussy. She loves this – a cuckold fuck – because She gets a good rogering which She enjoys.

As I fucked Her She instructed me “Say that your wimp cock will never fuck me in the arse or cum in my mouth again!” I remained silent. “Say it!” She said. “Say it, or you will get 20 strokes.”

I really didn’t want to say or accept this – I want to cum in Her mouth and Her arse, but there’s no point in inviting 20 strokes, and I was of course excited that She was bullying me in this way – my cock was rock hard hammering into Her pussy, so I said it: “My wimp cock will never cum in your arse or mouth again”, I said.

Saying so excited both of us and I came deep in Her as She too had another orgasm.

I’m not sure if She meant it or not, but its certainly a long time since I came in either other hole…

I think we are seeing a shift here to a place where She genuinely enjoys humiliating and dominating me – She certainly enjoyed making me say that last night – She clearly derived sexually pleasure from bullying me that way. God I love that thought. But I don’t like the prognosis for my anal sex!

Will I ever fuck Her in the arse again? Take the poll today and tell me what you think?

Friday, January 07, 2011

Friday night fare

Well its Friday night and they are doing their usual thing hanging about in the office late so they can have it to themselves or sneak off together when the others leave early.

They had a coffee date today, and a strange thing happened – Mistress wore a pair of trousers. This has never happened – She has always made sure Her cunt is in easy reach. Not sure why She wore the trousers – perhaps as a counter to turning up naked under Her coat on New Years Eve?

She’s texted me a few love hearts through the day. She says She does this because She loves me. I think She does it because he’s Cracking Her, and She wants me to think She was thinking about me (as well!) while She Cracked with him…We’ve discussed this phenomenon, and agreed She can’t win – if She doesn’t text me, I get upset She’s ignoring me, and if She does, then I think She’s sending me sympathy texts… It’s complicated stuff this cuckolding shit!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

That chair in the office will never be the same!

Well, the Christmas break is behind us and life nearly back to normal.

Mistress and Dave are back in touch more regularly, with the following BBM from him to her summarising what took place on New Year’s Eve:-

It was so nice seeing you on Friday. And when you opened your coat! Your undies! Your body! Your boots! What a woman!

I loved getting you down on all fours and licking your pussy and arse. Your pussy was so wet! Fingering you and playing with you! Wow wow wow!

And cumming in your mouth, again and again! And kissing you after – sharing my spunk! I love kissing you.

And then wanking into face, and coming in your mouth again. So dirty! We need to get a room – have some time, do it properly.

He’s requested a coffee date tomorrow we suspect he wants to talk about the room….