Wednesday, June 15, 2016

London date

Mistress has gone to London for a date with Pete (name changed remember - to protect the not-so-innocent).

They do this every couple of weeks or so. She goes to London, they go to a pub, glass of bubbly, take a day room ( somewhere in the city and shag their socks off.

She texted me at 3pm to say they were going for lunch. They'd met at 12:30 and taken up the day room, so they shagged for 2 hours before lunch. 2 hours. Who shags for 2 hours?

Now they are at lunch, where they will probably be for just over an hour, then go back to the room from 4pm to 6pm (when the day room end) - for another hour and half of shagging.

Who shags for two hours, takes a one hour break, and then goes back for another hour and half? They do.

I told her he must be using viagra - he's older than me - nearly 55. She says he doesn't - but can a 55 year old guy shag for 4 hours in a day without viagra? I don't think so.

To try and manage the jealousy, last night in bed she wanked me while she made me tell her what I expect them to do today - I said I expect them to kiss, cuddle, fuck a lot and have drinks together. Needless to say I had a huge orgasm while she did that to me.

This morning she canned me for it. The rule is that if she touches my cock with her hand I am to ask for punishment the next day.

She also kicked my balls this morning. This is a first for us. I knelt forward over the sofa with my balls hanging off the side of the chair and she kicked them. It was terrifying. She wasn't happy the first kick was hard enough so she told me to spread my legs for a second, which was a little harder, but I was able to bear it.

She said that if I'm jealous when she comes back then she will kick them much harder tomorrow.

I did encourage her - I told her how horny it was that she chose to kick my balls, and to lick and fuck Pete's. Shit. I'm mad. Why do I encourage her?

I'm going to try not to be jealous.

She has said numerous times:-

My role is to:-

1) Serve her physical, non sexual needs,

2) Encourage her relationship with Pete, even if it means she falls in love with him, and

3) Give her sexual pleasure by licking her pussy and/or arse when she allows me to.

She has said I am NOT and will NEVER be her alpha male sex provider. I am to tell her morning and evening that my wimp cock does not deserve her lovely pussy.

So its pretty clear. After 15 years of femdom she does not see me as an alpha male sex provider and does not want me to aspire to be one.

So there is not much point in being jealous. I should, as she says, be grateful that she comes back to me and even lets me see her pussy.

I should. But that's easier said than done.

But so far I'm feeling OK.

She has said she does not want to tell me anything about the date when she gets back. So I will not ask. If she chooses to tell me or share any details then fine, but I won't ask.

I think that is madness, because it means we don't share in my cuckolding. But she thinks its better because it means she has privacy with Pete, and I have the humiliation of not knowing. Which obviously makes sense too.

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