Friday, June 17, 2016


The sex on their Wednesday date went something like this.

- Meet in wine bar 12:15. Glass of wine, flirt and chat.

- Check in to hotel 13:00.

- Sex 13:00 – 15:30 (2.5 hours!).

- Shower. Go for lunch. More wine. More flirting.

- Return to hotel 17:30.

- Sex 17:30 – 18:30 (Another hour!).

- Get thrown out of hotel because checkout time was 18:00. No time to shower. Just dress and leave.

There is no way he just fucked her all that time without considerable encouragement from her. I mean she must have sucked his cock, wanked it, ridden it – she will have participated fully and encouraged him every step of the way – or there is no way they could have remained at it for all that time.

When she got back that night she allowed me to eat her pussy, which I did. She told me they hadn’t showered, and so I would be lucky enough to taste his cock on her pussy.

When she’d had enough she told me to sleep. No sex for me.

But then she relented and allowed me what she called a ‘sympathy fuck’. She didn’t need or require it – it was purely out of sympathy for me.

I put it in (I don’t like to call it fucking – what I do is too submissive to be called that) in the only position in which I am permitted – spoon position.

As I put it in she told me my cock was a useless wimp cock that was unable to satisfy her compared to Pete’s. She made me say humiliating things like that repeating after her as I humped at her.

The humiliation was intense and my cuckold cock got rock hard in defence.

In an unusually aggressive mood, I rose above her and fucked her hard from behind – very hard. I real cuckold humping. I came hard into her.

I think she actually enjoyed it. It really was unusual for me to fuck her so hard – but my defense mechanisms kicked in and spurred me to greater heights.

Last night as required I offered her oral service, but she chose to sleep.

This morning again I made the offer. “Mistress, my wimp cock is not worthy of your lovely pussy. Would you like me to serve you with my mouth?”.

She allowed me to eat her pussy.

I did so enthusiastically, carefully and thoroughly – trying to ensure maximum pleasure for her. I do this quite well – I’ve had enough practice!

She got very wet while I ate her. I wondered whether she would ask me to put it in, but she didn’t. Once she’d had enough she told me to stop and go get tea.

If it were him, there is no way they would not have fucked. But I’m not him.

I’m tempted to ask her – what’s up? – why is he encouraged to fuck so much, and I am not?

But I have my answers – they are in the written guidance she has provided me:-

1) By the end of tomorrow...write (by hand) 100 lines saying:-

"My cock is a wimp cock that does not satisfy Mistress. I MUST remember that "

2) I do not EVER want or wish you to fuck me like a stud / alpha male. I do not desire that from your wimp cock at all.

3) I want you to fuck me (when asked to!) in the submissive way that we have done now for years. I love it & need that in my life.

4) You are my loving, submissive husband. Your role in my life is to:

a) Serve me & take care of all my physical (non sexual needs)

b) Provide sexual pleasure by eating my pussy & arse when you ask to do so & I allow you to

c) You are not my alpha male sex provider & you NEVER will be

5) I get alpha male sex from Pete. He is the BEST I have EVER had & you will NEVER play that role.

So my role is pretty clear. I don’t need to ask her to clarify it. It’s clear. Just difficult to swallow.

The rules also state:

“I expect you to live by the rules we have established & carry on establishing. Do not ask me what the rules are ever - you should have them ALL written down.

You can ask about the rules but my point is - if a rule is written in black & white, what is there to question? If I consider a question is stupid based on a rule that's in black & white, I will answer it but I will punish you for making me answer a question for which you already have the answer.”

So I don’t need to ask for clarification. If I do, I should be punished for doing so.

What I do need to do is accept my position. No pun intended!

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